The Most Important Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines for Any Business

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There are many different types of businesses that operate throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Some of these businesses are relatively small and might not even have a facility where clients, partners, or other people would visit. For those commercial businesses that invite customers, clients, partners, and others onto the facilities, it’s important to focus on the type of floors they have. No matter what type of floor a business has, though, it’s important to have the right commercial floor cleaning equipment to keep it in great shape for as long as possible.

General maintenance is vital to longevity of any commercial floor space. The way floors look can have a direct impact on how customers and clients feel about a particular business. For example, an old, worn out, cracked, and broken down linoleum tile floor will give the impression of a dirty building and facility. Even if the shelves and products on the shelves are clean and look great, that floor will have a negative impact on the impression a person has.

Below are some of the most important commercial floor cleaning machines every business should consider.

A floor buffer. A floor buffer is a basic, relatively small machine that helps to keep waxed floors looking good after a regular cleaning.

A floor scrubber. A floor scrubber helps to get the floors clean on a regular basis. A small business may rely on mopping, but that isn’t going to get the dirt up as much as a floor scrubber well. Mopping may push dirt around, which can cause it to get in between the gaps between the tiles.

A floor stripper. Every once in a while the wax on a floor needs to be stripped down and then reapplied. A floor stripper helps to make that possible.

Sweeper. For large commercial floors, a sweeper can be incredibly beneficial at quickly getting up dirt and other debris.

Burnisher. A floor burnisher is a high-speed rotary floor machine that uses a burnishing pad to spin in one direction. It helps to produce a wet-look shine on hard floor surfaces.

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