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Trinut with washer view all

Trinut with washer

Trinut with washer

Scrub Jay repair, VIDEO view all

Scrub Jay repair, VIDEO

Explaining how to repair the Scrub Jay VIDEO

Red light view all

Red light

How can this RED LIGHT help you? How can this RED LIGHT help you? •    Suppose you get a call 2 o’clock in the morning. Your employee is calling and they ask “Hey boss my machine is not working, can I go home?” •    “NO” you say. “What’s wrong with the machine?” •    I don’t […]

Remove Vacuum Head view all

Remove Vacuum Head

Remove Vacuum Head

Filters for SL-3 view all

Filters for SL-3

Filters for SL-3

Slurry disposal view all

Slurry disposal

Dispose the mud safely discard it to garbage disposal bin    

Falcon top Off

Remove Falcon motor house  

Falcon Wet, Dry Filter view all

Falcon Wet, Dry Filter

Falcon Dry filter   Falcon Wet filter   Falcon Wet, Dry Filter have no steel ring and they fit snugly on to the rim of vacuum tank. Both filters are washable. Use the white filter for picking up dry debris and use the black screen type to pick up liquid. The wet filter which is […]

Scrub Jay on view all

Scrub Jay on

Remove Splash Guard and replace it with Scrub Jay 

Falcon filter how to view all

Falcon filter how to×265.jpg

Falcon drain plug view all

Falcon drain plug

Remove Falcon drain plug to empty the tank  

Guide for diamond use view all

Guide for diamond use

Guide for diamond to buy and sequence to use

Easy Transportation view all

Easy Transportation

Transport Floor machine in a small car

Strip Floors Fast view all

Strip Floors Fast

Add 2 weights to the machine and reduce your stripping time by half

Rabbit-3 in tight places view all

Rabbit-3 in tight places

Downsize Rabbit-3 and use it around toilet

Circuit breaker view all

Circuit breaker

Circuit breaker or fuse To prevent downtime. The Stonechat has its own circuit breaker on the side of the switch box. This will blow before the wall panel breaker is knocked out. Because you don’t have to search for the electric panel to find the circuit breaker this will reduce your downtime. A very nice […]


Loosen the 3 black knobs and lower the splash guard After the knobs are loosen, the SPLASH GUARD slip into place.   These pictures show the Splash guard is in the NO splash position It will saves a lot of time The Splash Guard built-in to the floor machine It is always there when needed

Spray Direct view all

Spray Direct

Spray directly to front of the machine   By turning the lever, you can chose to spray front of the machine or force feed the liquid straight on to top of the bonnet

Deluxe Falcon view all

Deluxe Falcon

Deluxe Falcon   To see more just scroll down Deluxe model has a sturdy steel tool cage The tool cage can carry the vacuum cleaner accessories have them ready when needed Any help that reduce working time is a money saver. Drain Hose Use this hose to empty content of tank into the toilet At times […]

How to Downsize to a 13″ Machine view all

How to Downsize to a 13″ Machine

Tutorial to downsize CENTAUR floor machines

How to Remove Handle view all

How to Remove Handle

on CENTAUR floor machines

How to sand hardwood floors view all

How to sand hardwood floors

Dustless sanding demonstration

How to Detach Cable view all

How to Detach Cable

The advantages of having a removable cable!

Baseboard Cleaning with Rabbit-3 view all

Baseboard Cleaning with Rabbit-3

20 miles of baseboard to clean with Scrub Jay

Repairs & Troubleshooting view all

Repairs & Troubleshooting

Repair and trouble shoot