Easy Transportation

Easy Transportation – Rabbit-3 in a small vehicle

floor machine easy transportation

Rabbit-3 in Smart car

Easy Transportation.  There are times when you must transport a Rabbit or any of our floor machine to another location. But there is no available van or truck on the lot. Of course you can push it on its wheels to the job and call it ‘an evening exercise’.

That is when you decide to put the machine into a small (tiny to be precise) thing called Smart car. As you see it on the picture, it can be done because you can take the Rabbit-3 or Rocky apart in less than a minute. Detach cable from handle, remove handle from base and voila in it goes to the trunk. No you don’t have to remove the water tank from the handle, but you may want to empty it before it will mess up the trunk. That is what we call Easy Transportation.

Detach handle by removing two pins.

First detach the cable, just twist the twist-lock then pull it apart.
To remove the handle from the base, loosen the trinut pull the pins out from the base and you are done.