How to Downsize to a 13″ Machine

Material Required

Floor machine. Either Rabbit-3 or Rabbit-8 or Woodpecker or Stonechat. Tynex 13″ brush of your choice, (Scrub or strip) and cleaning chemical.
The Rabbit family of floor machines
Step 1. Remove weights if your machine has any. Remove short hose, curved tube and brackets from Woodpecker or from Woodchuck.Arrow
Step 2. If needed, ADD water tank. Rabbit-8 & Stonechat are sold with water tank.
To downsize, remove the three knobs
Step 3. Undo the three black knobs. (after unscrewing them, do not remove them. You’ll feel a spring as you push knob down. The spring prevents knob from rattling during operation)
Step 4. Remove splash guard by turning it around a couple of times. Detach it through the notch.
The 13 inch brush on the floor machine
Step 5. Install a small Tynex brush. (a brush with stone-impregnated nylon bristles)The two readily available grades are scrub and strip of which the strip is the harsher one. You may also use the 13″ padholder when a brush is not required.
Step 6. The downsized Rabbit-6 with a 13inch Tynex brush.
downsized machine working around the toilet
Step 7. Rabbit-6 in action in the bathroom. The Rabbit-3 or Woodpecker or Stonchat will do the same job.
Step 8. When downsized, it is a great machine to get into confined areas.
Cleaning grout with downsized machine
Step 9. Equipped with a Tynex 13 inch brush. Add 40lb weight on top of the machine and it is a great grout cleaner. You can use either the Rabbit-3, -8, Woodpecker or Stonechat for this job.
Note: Rabbit-6 is no longer produced, Rabbit-8 took it’s place.