Strip Floors Fast

Strip floors fast and save money

Strip floors fast and want to prevent splashing the walls and furniture, just lower the Splash Guard. Undo the 3 black knobs around the motor. Then let the Splash Guard drop to the floor. It will ride on the floor around the floor pad and will prevent the splashing. The black knobs will stay in place and so will the Splash Guard which is made from soft plastic and will not mar the floor.
The 2 weights [40lb each] are great money savers when you want to strip floors FAST.


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Undo the black knobs to lower the splash guard

Lowering the splash guard

When these 2 additional weight the floors can be stripped half the time of any other swing machine.

Just  add 2 weights to the machine and the stripping time reduced by half. Don’t worry about the motor, it will carry the weights without any complaint. Because the floor is very slippery the friction under the pad is small. The machine may not draw more than 8 to 10 Ampere.
The weights will cut down the stripping time regardless what chemical or what floor pad you use.
Using weights to strip floors FAST, is the most prudent way saving money.

Caution; Use the weights only when the floor is wet.

Strip Floors Fast by adding 2 weights to the machine

Putting the 2nd weights on the Rabbit-3

Lower the splash-guard and put weights on and you have the perfect machine. It will strip floor FAST without splashing.

Weight Part # 2F03072