Get the Most Life Out of Commercial Marble Flooring with These Tips

marble textureTaking care of any commercial floor requires the right equipment, chemical solutions, and techniques. When it comes to marble flooring, it’s essential to focus on preventing deterioration which can happen over time.

Commercial floors are constantly being exposed to a great deal of abuse. This will include foot traffic, dragging in snow, ice, and road salts on those shoes, wheels from carts and other items rolling around. This can lead to scratches, dings, and a lot of other potentially small points of damage that build up over time.

The common misconception people have about marble flooring is that it is strong and durable. In truth, marble is porous and won’t have the kind of protective coating that linoleum or even ceramic tile will have. That’s why it’s so important to focus on maintenance as much is possible.

Dealing with scratches.

When scratches occur in marble flooring it’s essential to use a polishing compound to help restore the marble before those scratches become too deeply embedded and permanent.

If scratches are deep or have become embedded you can often use a sanding disk and buffing pad to help remove the scratches.

Polishing and sealing.

Just because it’s a marble floor doesn’t mean you have to ignore polishing and sealing of it. This is a commonly overlooked issue, but it should be done at least twice every year, more often for high traffic areas.

Before you do any polishing or sealing on a commercial marble floor you want to be certain that it’s extremely clean and there is no debris floating on it. This can be complicated when you have a commercial business that is open 24 hours a day. You may need to close off certain areas so the maintenance crew can take care of this, clean the floor thoroughly, and then go about polishing and sealing the floor.

If the marble floor is exposed to any acidic or high alkaline substance it can become etched. You can’t clean or remove these etching marks and will need to restore the marble. That will require the right equipment and you can get that at Centaur Floor Machines.

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