The Right Commercial Floor Equipment for Marble Surfaces

marble textureDifferent floor surfaces are going to require different cleaning methods. They will also require different machines, especially when you’re talking about commercial floor spaces. For residential areas, most floor surfaces are limited with regard to square footage, so they may not require specific equipment to maintain each area.

When you’re talking about marble flooring, it’s a major investment for the company, so getting it right with regard to chemicals and equipment is essential. There are many different types of marble flooring, so what might work well for one surface could actually cause damage to another.

Always Spot Test New Pads and Chemicals

When you decide on a specific type of marble floor cleaning pad or chemical, don’t just take someone else’s word for the fact that it works. Make sure you test it on the floor in a small area, especially some place that is out of the way.

If you have any leftover marble pieces, even broken ones, that the construction company provided you for potentially broken pieces in the future, this would be a good place to test pads and chemicals out on.

Use a manual approach to cleaning with the pads and chemicals, rather than a machine. Pay close attention to how the floor responds to these things. If the flooring doesn’t respond well, if it shows signs of staining or discoloring, then stop and try something else.

What about Equipment?

The best type of commercial floor cleaning equipment for marble would be an autoscrub machine. It should be a low speed unit that can both place the cleaning solution down and then pick it back up again. It should run at between 175 to 200 RPMs.

Once you’ve determined the right chemicals and color pad to use, work in small segments, checking the floor to make sure there are no issues arising, before you go ahead and complete the rest of the floor.

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