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How To Restore & Refinish Marble Floors & Surfaces

A One-Day Practical Training Workshop

(Limited to just 6 attendees)

This practical 1-day training workshop on marble restoration / refinishing is for you if…

  • You want to add an extra profit center to your professional cleaning services business (marble floor restoration / refinishing is a high-demand, lucrative niche without a lot of specialist
  • You want to “branch out” into an area of cleaning that is perceived as very “specialized”.
  • You want to be working on jobs that are very rewarding and more profitable.
  • You want to add a service to your professional cleaning business that is pretty much recession-proof (as long as marble floors exist and people walk over them – there will always be a high and continual demand for a specialist who can come in and restore/refinish / polish marble flooring).
  • You want to give your professional cleaning business a “new lease of life” and very satisfying “high-end” work that you can be extremely proud of.
  • You want to be able to offer a wider portfolio of professional cleaning services and differentiate yourself from other cleaning companies by offering a full range of floor care, cleaning and maintenance services. (Showing off high-gloss marble flooring make for very impressive and visually appealing examples that both showcase and “sell” your services to new prospective clients).

Why not give your professional cleaning business a unique (in-demand) edge this year?


With the right skills, you can become an in-demand marble floor restorer/refinisher and give your professional cleaning business a whole new lucrative profit center.

Here’s why…

There is a GROWING Demand for Marble Floor Restoration & Refinishing

Demand from where?

Demand from: Hotels… Upscale apartment/condo buildings… Restaurants… Airports…Office buildings… and even Luxury Homes

Places that have marble surfaces are usually located in buildings that want to maintain a spotless environment for their users or discerning guests (think hotels).

So, again:

These places have to pay out (regularly) to keep their floors to high-finish standards…

PLUS… they have the budget ( and the desire to spend it) to pay a marble restoring/refinishing specialist to keep their marble floors in a pristine condition.

It’s not just marble flooring, either. It’s marble countertops too.

Thing is: They can’t just go to a regular janitorial / commercial contract cleaner.

They HAVE to Go to a Trained Specialist in Marble Restoration / Refinishing / Polishing

That’s where you can come in.

You can be that in-demand, highly-paid marble restoration specialist (with requisite training) who can cater to the ongoing refinishing requirements of some of the most well-known buildings (and homes) in your area.

All it requires is the right specialist training and the right equipment to deliver “5-Star” marble restoration/refinishing/polishing results.

As you may know, over the years master specialists in marble & stone restoration / refinishing and the team at Centaur have delivered a very practical and hands-on training on marble restoration and refinishing.

The practical 1-day training events that Centaur does, always sells out well in advance.

And they are always very well received by those who manage to secure one of the limited places for the 1-day training.

To our knowledge…

No Other Canada Company Does a Practical “Hands-On” Training Workshop on How To Restore and Refinish Marble

(Similar practical training may be available in the USA but that’s a long way to go and the costs involved – especially considering the unfavorable exchange rate – may well make it an unviable option for you).

And unlike training elsewhere: Centaur’s practical 1-day training will also cover ALL the equipment you’ll need for marble restoration / refinishing / polishing –

INCLUDING: Floor Grinding & Polishing Machines, Diamonds etc.

In fact, here is a quick run-down of some of the specialist skills and knowledge you will learn by attending the upcoming 1-day training put on by Centaur.

  • You’ll learn how to identify different stone including marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo.
  • You’ll learn how to restore & refinish worn and scratched dull floors.
  • You’ll learn how to maintain these floors with diamond tools.
  • You’ll learn how to enhance a stone’s color and how to seal the surface.
  • You’ll learn what type of diamonds to use, in what sequence, and how to achieve the best results.
  • You’ll learn what equipment to use so you save time & money while doing a better job.

Plus a lot more that you’ll discover on the 1-day training itself.

By the way, you can’t learn specialized marble floor restoration / refinishing by watching a bunch of YouTube videos. You absolutely NEED proper “hands-on” training and guidance – which is exactly what you are getting at the 1-day training at the Centaur factory.

Centaur’s training is very hands-on where you learn by DOING.

Another thing: At the end of the 1-day training…

You Also Receive a Certificate To Show You Attended Centaur’s Marble Restoration / Refinishing Training

Training Session Details

Where: The 1-day training will be held at Centaur’s manufacturing facility at 103 Denison St. Markham, ON, Canada.

When: Click on REGISTER HERE to see available training dates (workshop starts at 8.30 am sharp and training finishes around 5.00pm)

Training seats available: Limited to just 6 people

How much: $750 + HST (per person)

Other info: Lunch, snacks, and coffee will be provided during the breaks on the day of training.

Don’t miss out on what could be a great opportunity for your professional cleaning business.

How to register:

To secure one of the limited places on the upcoming training workshop –

Payment in full is required to secure one of the 6 limited places for this training (based on a first-to-register basis).

Here’s a quick recap again: Centaur puts on a 1-day practical training on marble restoration & refinishing. It takes place only a few times a year and only 6 spots (on a first-to-register basis) are available. This is your chance to get the specialist skills and knowledge to undertake marble floor restoration & refinishing… and get the certification to help differentiate yourself from other cleaning companies.

What to do NOW to register:

To secure one of the limited places on the training – REGISTER HERE.