Floor Machine Accessories & Tools

These Accessories & Tools Will Help You Get Your Job Done in Less Time

Deluxe Water Tank

Deluxe Floor Machine Water Tank

This is the water tank to use for jobs that require a water supply – like stripping floors, baseboard cleaning & stone restoration.

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Item Part #
Deluxe Water Tank (Long Adjusting Handle) 2A88920
Deluxe Water Tank (Rabbit-8/8L) 2A88801
Deluxe Water Tank (Short Adjusting Bar) 2A88900



All Centaur machines are equipped with a unique integrated (and removable) SplashGuard which is designed to keep the dust, slurry and mess created during a job from ending up on walls, baseboards, furniture, planters or in the air.

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Item Part #
18″ SplashGuard 2E94020
Flexible SplashGuard
18″ Flexible SplashGuard + Dust Port 2E94029

Scrub Jay & Baseboard Cleaning

Scrub Jay #3 Baseboard Cleaner

The Scrub Jay baseboard attachment lets you clean miles of “square” and “cove” baseboards in up to 96% less time. When you attach the Scrub Jay #4 to the Scrub Jay #3, you’ll clean baseboards that are 8″ tall with ease, and faster than ever before.

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TYNEX Floor Machine Brushes

Tynex Floor Machine Brushes

Available in different grit (46, 80, 180, 500) for different applications (scarify, stripping, scrubbing) and floor types.

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Item Part #
TYNEX Floor Machine Brushes Various Sizes & Options

Carpet Cleaning

13 and 18 inch Nylon Carpet Floor Machine Brush

These are the brushes, bonnets & drivers to use for the best carpet cleaning results.

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40 lb Horseshoe Weight

40 LB Horseshoe Weight

Add these 40 lb weights to your floor machine (as per operating allowances) and strip, clean, scrub, grind and polish floors in less time.

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Item Part #
40 lb Horseshoe Weight 2F03072

Drive Blocks (Pad Drivers)

drive blocks

These are the pad drivers to use for the best polishing, stripping, & scrubbing results you’ve ever seen.

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Floor Grinding Tools

Aluminum magpie with cupwheels

Select from a wide selection of tools to complete any grinding task you have. From exposing aggregate, removing epoxy, concrete prep to removing lippage – the tools shown here will help you get your job done quickly and effectively.

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Floor Cleaning Pads

floor cleaning pads

These Americo high-quality floor maintenance pads are made out of 100% recycled polyester and are manufactured without the use of any formaldehyde resins. All Americo and Norton floor pads are made in the USA and great for scuff removal, stain removal and general cleaning.

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Item Part #
Floor Cleaning Pads Various Sizes & Options

Diamond ASTRO Pads

astro diamond pads

ASTRO pads are the GREEN method to maintain stone surfaces. Replacing floor wax with a hardened mechanical shine eliminates the use of chemicals.

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Item Part #
Diamond ASTRO Pads See Chart

Sanding Tools

16"18" sandpaper drivers

Select from a choice of sandpaper disc drivers, to sanding discs, to sanding screens to get your job completed in less time and more economically.

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Diamond Disks and Tools

diamond disks
  • Multi-Surfaces
  • Wet or Dry

A large selection of economical and long lasting premium diamonds are available for honing, grinding and polishing hard surfaces to perfection. Available in grits 30-8500 and sizes 3 to 7 inches.
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Item Part #
Diamond Disks and Tools See Selection



These are the chemicals and pastes to use to clean, maintain and restore floors to perfection.

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