Floor Machines That Give You a Commercial Advantage

The #1 choice of busy custodians, commercial cleaners and floor restorers…

The Rabbit-1 (3 in ONE Floor Machine)


Use The Rabbit-1 For Cleaning, Scrubbing and Stripping Floors Faster… PLUS Clean & Strip Baseboards Too.

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Item Part #
Rabbit-1: Starter Package 2W22040
Rabbit-1: Baseboard Package 2W22041
Rabbit-1: Baseboard Plus Package 2W22043

The Rabbit-3 (5 in ONE Floor Machine)

rabbit-3 baseboards

Use the Rabbit-3 For Cleaning Carpets, Scrubbing & Stripping Floors and Baseboards… PLUS Floor Polishing Too

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Item Part #
Rabbit-3: Starter Package 2W22030
Rabbit-3: Floor Stripping Package 2W22032
Rabbit-3: Multi-use Package 2W22033
Rabbit-3: Baseboard Package 2W22034
Rabbit-3: Complete Package 2W22031

The Stonechat (Floor Grinder & Poilisher)

Stonechat Floor Grinder, Polisher

Use the Stonechat For Grinding & Polishing Concrete & Stone Floors… PLUS Countertops Too

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Item Part #
Stonechat: Starter Package 2W220-4
Stonechat: Complete Package Package 2W220-5
Stonechat Mini: Countertop Package 2W220-9