Vacuum Cleaner Tools & Accessories

These Tools & Accessories Will Help You Get Your Job Done in Less Time

Vacuum Tool Kits

vacuum tool kits

These tool kits help you complete daily floor vacuuming tasks from cleaning smooth surface flooring to cleaning carpeting to cleaning liquid spills. The combination floor/carpet tool is included in each of these tool kits.

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Powered Brushes

12-inch wessel werk power brush - vacuum accessories

The Wessel-Werk commercial-grade power brush lets you extract dirt from the deeper fibers of the carpet. The power brush glides effortlessly and comes as a “plug & play” kit, where everything you need to work your power head is included.

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18″ Versa Wet/Dry Combination Tool

17" Versa combination Tool 17-inch 1B55500

The heavy-duty Versa Tool employs removable bristle brushes for cleaning carpets and can be easily swapped to rubber blades for water extraction without any additional tools.

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Carpet Cleaning Tools


These fast and efficient carpet cleaning tools are essential for any commercial cleaner cleaning offices and carpet flooring on a daily basis. These tools are effective in cleaning & maintaining different piles of carpets.

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Crevice Tools

Steel and Plastic Crevice Tools For Vacuums

Crevice tools are most effective in cleaning narrow or difficult-to-reach areas. These tools virtually eliminating the need to bend and stretch to get the job done well. They are made from durable plastic (for delicate jobs like auto detailing) or steel and come in various lengths up to 27″.

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Dusting Brushes

3 inch aluminum brush

These dusting brushes come in both nylon and horsehair bristles and are designed to clean the dust off surfaces on furniture, trim and delicate surfaces without leaving a mark.

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Hoses & Hose Ends

sl-6, 8 user guide

These are the hoses and connectors to use to get powerful suction performance from your vacuum.

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Liquid Pick-up Tools

liquid pickup - vacuum accessories

Whether you’re dealing with small spills or larger floods, these professional tools will get the job done efficiently and clean up the mess quickly. Job specific blades (for chemical spills and oil & grease) are also available.

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Pipe and Ventilation Tools

pipe ventilation tools - vacuum cleaners

These are the pipe & ventilation tools to use to easily get rid of dust and dirt from overhead pipes, ventilation & air ducts.

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Sidewinder Tools

15"18" 8-sidewinder brush tool - vacuum cleaners

Sidewinder tools are designed for cleaning in a side-to-side sweeping motion rather than the traditional back-and-forward motion. This sweeping motion is more natural and allows you to clean surfaces in half-the-time plus decreases user fatigue. The sidewinder’s swivel action also makes it ideal for overhead cleaning, cleaning walls, cleaning around ventilation, and cleaning in narrow and low spaces.

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Sidewinder Tools various parts

Smooth Surface Vacuum Tools

11 inch horsehair bristle tool (1B54600)

These are the tools to use to keep hard surface floors looking dust-free with ease & efficiency.

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all wands - vacuum accessories

Extension wands, extenders & fittings are a must for any commercial cleaner that wants to do a better job of reaching those hard to get to areas. Our wands & tools make vacuuming easy and ergonomic. Saving you time, sweat and money.

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Wands various

Vacuum Filters

  • Micron Filter
  • HEPA Filter
  • Paper Bag
  • Cloth Filter
  • Fine Dust Filter