Industrial-Strength Vacuum Cleaners That Never Let You Down

Multi-use commercial vacuum cleaners that never “choke” or lose their super-powerful suction… ever!

SL-3 / SL-5 Dry Vacuum

vacuum cleaners

Use The SL-3 / SL-5 When You Need a Professional Vacuum for “Hard” Daily Use.

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Item Part #
SL-3 1W12010
SL-3 with HEPA Filtration 1W12016
SL-3 w/ Toolkit #73 1B49973
SL-3 HEPA w/ Toolkit #73 1W12017
SL-5 1W12020
SL-5 + Tool Kit #73 1W12021
SL-5 with HEPA Filtration 1W12022
SL-5 HEPA w/ Toolkit #73 1W12023

The Silento HEPA Dry Vacuum

Silento Dry Cannister Commercial Vacuum HEPA

Use The Silento When You Need a Super-Powerful HEPA Vacuum That’s Quiet.

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Item Part #
The Silento-30 1W12001
The Silento-30 w/ Toolkit #73 1W12051
The Silento-31 1W12005
The Silento-31 w/ Toolkit #73 1W12053
The Silento-300 1W12027
The Silento-300 w/ Toolkit #73 1W12055
The Silento-310 1W12029
The Silento-310 w/ Toolkit #73 1W12057

SL-6 / SL-8 Wet and Dry Vacuum

vacuum cleaners

Use The SL-6 / SL-8 Where You Need To Clean Up Floors That Get Very Messy.

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Item Part #
SL-6 1W12030
SL-6 + Tool Kit #74 1W12032
SL-8 1W12034
SL-8 + Tool Kit #74 1W12035

Falcon Series Wet and Dry Vacuums

large shop vacuum cleaners

Use The Falcon For Debris & Slush That Would “Choke” Any Other Vacuum.

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Item Part #
Falcon-1 1W12111
Falcon-1 w/ Tool Kit #76 1W12113
Falcon-3 1W12130
Falcon-3 w/ Tool Kit #76 1W12131
Falcon-5 1W12146
Falcon-5 w/ Tool Kit #76 1W12148