How To Get The MOST From Your SL-6 / SL-8

FAST START Steps To Getting You Up And Running Using The SL-6 / SL-8

SL-6 & 8 Safety Guide

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How To Assemble Your SL-6 / SL-8 Vacuum

Step 1

To connect the hose, loosen the ribbed nut by one full rotation counter-clockwise.

Step 2

Insert the steel hose cuff and tighten the ribbed nut until snug.

Step 3

Attach the hose stabilizer to the base of the tank. Once connected, the vacuum can now be dragged by the vacuum hose.

Step 4

Centaur’s packaging is 100% recyclable. Recycle the packaging that your vacuum arrived in.

How to Operate Your SL-6 / SL-8 Vacuum

Do This Before Powering On Your Vacuum

Step 1

Unlock the latches on both sides of the vacuum tank.

Step 2

Remove the motor head from the tank. Inspect the the cage & float assembly to make sure the shut-off float can move freely.

Step 3

Inspect the filter. Ensure the correct filter is installed for the application you are using the vacuum for. Use the Cloth Filter (shown on the left) for Dry Pick-Up or the Mesh Filter (shown on the right) for Wet Pick-Up.

Step 4

Inspect the tank and make sure it is empty and has been cleaned.

Step 5

Attach the motor head back on the vacuum tank and ensure the latches lock into position.

Step 6

Plug the power cable into 120V (50/60Hz) North American power receptacle.

Step 7

The machine is now ready to be turned on for use.

How to Use a Powerbrush On Your Vacuum

Part # 1F13500—Wessel Werk EBK360LED Power Brush for Centaur Vacuums. Comes as a complete kit, including: Power Head with LED front lighting and 5 depth adjustments, stainless steel telescopic wand & 10ft electrified hose with “gas pump" style handle with ON/OFF switch.
Centaur Floor Machine vacuums are equipped with a power brush receptacle that is located on the motor head, labeled “For Power Nozzle Only". For a deeper clean of carpets, a power brush penetrates close to the route of the carpet fiber, extracting a greater amount of dirt over traditional, non-motorized carpet tools. This is a guide to using an optioned power brush with your vacuum.

Step 1

Insert the steel hose cuff on the powerhead hose into the intake of the vacuum and tighten the ribbed nut.

Step 2

Locate the power receptacle on the motor head.

Step 3

Insert the power cable from the power brush hose into the power receptacle.

Step 4

Turn the vacuum on, followed by turning on the power brush from the handle.

Maintenance Tips for Your Vacuum

Centaur’s machines are built with durable components that can provide 25+ years of trouble-free service as long as the machine is maintained correctly. These steps will help you protect the longevity of the machine.

The Cord

Use the blue wrap strap to carefully keep the power cable wound and stored when the vacuum is not in use.

The Tank

Wash out the vacuum tank with water after every use.

Dry Out The Vac

Remove the motor head from the tank to allow the tank and float assembly to completely dry.

The Hose

Detach the hose from the vacuum and rinse out with water. Leave it to dry.

The Latch

Do not tighten or loosen the latches. Adjusting the latches can damage the tank and will void the warranty.

Filters for Your SL-6 / SL-8 Vacuum Cleaner

Washable Dry Cloth Filter for SL-6/8

SL-6-8-dry cloth filter
Item Part #
Washable Dry Cloth Filter for SL-6/8 1E46010

Wet Filter for SL-6/8

SL-6-8 wet vacuum filter
Item Part #
Wet Filter for SL-6/8 1E46210

Fine Dust Filter (For SL-6/8)

vacuum accessories
Item Part #
Fine Dust Filter (For SL-6/8) 1E46224

Slurry Filter for SL-6/8

20-L-wet vacuum filter
Item Part #
Slurry Filter for SL-6/8 1E46100

Ring for SL-6/8 Cloth Filter

Item Part #
Ring for SL-6/8 Cloth Filter 1E62400

Ring for SL-6/8 Wet Filter

Item Part #
Ring for SL-6/8 Wet Filter 1E62400

Technical Specs for The SL-6 / SL-8



Centaur SL-6 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

20 L Wet/Dry Vacuum


Centaur SL-8 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

20 L Wet/Dry Vacuum


Primary Application Wet/Dry Application Wet/Dry Application
Dirt Collected Into Tank Tank
Electrical Supply 110 V – 15 A Outlet
50/60 Hz
110 V – 15 A Outlet
50/60 Hz
Motor Two-Stage Motor 1050 W By-Pass Motor 1340 W
Operational Electrical Demand 759 Watts / 6.5 Amps 784 Watts / 6.8 Amps
Recovery Capacity 20 L / 5 GAL 20 L / 5 GAL
Noise Level 70 dBA 72 dBA
Airflow 135 CFM 150 CFM
Water Lift 80 inches 90 inches
Machine Weight 23 lbs (10.43 kg) 23.3 lbs (10.57 kg)
Cable Length 40 ft (12 m) 40 ft (12 m)
Hose (1.5″ Dia.) Length 10 ft (3 m) 10 ft (3 m)
Toolkit (optional) w/ Tool Kit #74 (#1B49974) w/ Tool Kit #74 (#1B49974)

*Tool Kit #74 Includes: 3 Piece Steel Compression Fit wand (1.5″ Dia) + 12″ Combi floor / carpet tool + 14 Squeegee tool

Shipping Specifications
Shipping Weight (Vacuum + Hose) 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
Shipping Weight (Vacuum + Hose + Tool-Kit) 32 lbs (14.51 kg)
Box Dimensions 16″ x 16″ x 18″
(40.7 x 40.7 x 45.8 cm)
Shipping Weight (Vacuum + Hose) 28.4 lbs (12.88 kg)
Shipping Weight (Vacuum + Hose + Tool-Kit) 32.4 lbs (14.69 kg)
Box Dimensions 16″ x 16″ x 18″
(40.7 x 40.7 x 45.8 cm)

The Best Protection Guarantee In The Industry

You have 3X the PROTECTION when you own a Centaur SL-6 / SL-8

30-Day Money Back PERFORMANCE Guarantee

If SL-6/8 doesn’t get the work done faster and better than ANY other machine you’ve used before, simply contact our office to have it returned (within 30 days of purchase) and receive a FULL REFUND. Plus, we’ll cover the shipping cost.

Top-Quality LIFETIME Guarantee

If your SL-6/8 ever has a manufacturing defect on Non-Wearable/Non-Moveable Components* we’ll fix or replace your vacuum within 1 business day… for FREE!

10-Year MOTOR Warranty

If you use SL-6/8 under normal conditions and the motor gives up, we’ll fix or replace the motor on your Centaur Vacuum within 1 business day for FREE**.