Floor Cleaning Chemicals

These are the chemicals and pastes to use to clean, maintain and restore floors to perfection…

TroubleGone Baseboard Cleaner

4 L20 L troublegone

TroubleGone is a powerful slightly alkaline, water-based cleaning & stripping agent which is safe for use in all environments like schools and hospitals.

TroubleGone is non-caustic, non-corrosive, and very low odour making it a safe alternative to the harsh aerosol baseboard strippers on the market.

TroubleGone is specially formulated to clean and strip layers of old wax from baseboards with the Rabbit-1 or Rabbit-3 floor machine. Apply TroubleGone to any vertical surface using a brush or trigger spray.

Approx. Coverage: 150 linear feet / litre on a 4″ tall baseboard

Item Part #
4 L TroubleGone 8A01370
20 L TroubleGone 8A01371

Full Force Floor Stripper

4 L full force floor chemical

Full Force is a highly concentrated floor stripper that removes chemical resistant coatings, including sealers and urethane containing coatings.

Full Force may be used on a wide variety of resilient and non-resilient flooring including vinyl, vinyl composite tile, ceramic tile, and concrete with an autoscrubber or floor machine.

Full Force provides excellent coverage of 1,000 to 2,000 square feet per litre of concentrate!

Approx. Coverage: 1,000 sq ft / litre at 1:12 dilution (for heavy-duty stripping) to 2,000 sq ft / litre at 1:24 dilution (for light-duty stripping) – far more economical than most other strippers.

1:24 Light Stripping
1:18 Regular Stripping
1:12 Heavy Stripping

Item Part #
Full Force Floor Stripper 8A01372

Grout Out – Tile & Grout Cleaner

4 L gout out tile chemical

This concentrated, highly acidic cleaner is a fast-acting, heavy-duty cleaner recommended for use on textured, non-polished, natural, and manufactured surfaces including semi to non-porous ceramic / quarry tiles and grout.

Grout Out quickly penetrates into the pores of the tile and grout, removing and suspending oily soils, hard water / mineral deposits, salt, general soils, rust and other heavy dirt and grime.

Grout Out is extremely low foaming, making it ideal for pick up after use in autoscrubbers or other wet vacuum recovery systems.

Approx. Coverage: 6,000 sq ft / litre at 1:40 dilution (for medium-duty cleaning)

1:60 Lightly Soils
1:40 Regular Soils
1:20 Heavy Soils

Item Part #
Grout Out – Tile & Grout Cleaner 8A01302

Neutra-Life Salt & Stain Remover

4 L neutra-life floor chemical

Neutra-Life is a non-acidic, commercially neutral cleaner, safe for use on any water washable surface, including carpets and floors coated with floor finishes.

Neutra-Life excels in alkali neutralization, salt and stain removal, and as a heavy-duty detergent.

When used on carpets, it will brighten any color loss from alkali exposure.

Approx. Coverage: 3,000 to 4,000 sq ft / litre at 1:33 dilution (for carpet pre-spray or hard surfaces using a mop or auto scrubber)

Item Part #
Neutra-Life Salt & Stain Remover 8A01376

Glue-Off Glue Remover & Degreaser

4 L20 L glue off-4L

Glue-Off is a concentrated heavy-duty degreaser designed for use where heavy soil, oil or grease is present and needs to be removed quickly and efficiently. It is recommended for use on machinery, floors (not coated with floor finishes) and other hard surfaces.

Glue-Off also removes leftover dried-out tile or carpet glue and is safe to use on marble, terrazzo, granite or concrete.

Approx. Coverage: 800 sq ft / litre at 1:10 dilution (for medium-duty applications)

Item Part #
4 L Glue-Off Glue Remover & Degreaser 8A01354
20 L Glue-Off Glue Remover & Degreaser 8A01353

Traffic Lane Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover

4 L20 L traffic lane floor chemical

Traffic lane has powerful grease cutting and soil removal capabilities on all types of carpet.

Traffic lane is a triple use product – as a pre-treatment/pre-spray in high traffic areas prior to extraction, as a bonnet buff product, and as a spotter or stain remover.

Approx. Coverage: 500 sq ft / litre at 1:10 dilution (for bonnet cleaning) and 1,300 sq ft / litre at 1:10 dilution (for carpet pre-spray)

Item Part #
Traffic Lane Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover 8A01380

PC Paste for Marble Polishing

PC Paste

PC-Paste is our premier water-based marble polishing paste. While the best polishing results can be achieved by polishing higher than 3000 grit, this polishing paste will give the floor a nice shine even when used after 1500 grit.

  • User friendly non-corrosive formula limits splash etching and other issues found with most other polishing products
  • Highly effective on limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, and terrazzo
Item Part #
PC Paste (5 LBS) 2C01252
PC Paste (10 LBS) 2C01250
PC Paste (25 LBS) 2C01251