A Grout-Sealer is Essential for New Tile Floors

If you have just installed a new commercial tile floor for your business, you may be trying to determine if you need grout sealer. Grout is the adhesive and porous substance that fills in the gaps between the tiles.

Depending on the type of tile that you’re working with, your commercial floors might not even need grout. Linoleum tile is usually pressed up against the other tiles, forming a soft connection that doesn’t require any grout.

Slat, ceramic, and other tiles, though, will have spacers between the tile as they are lain, and this is when grout will be added to form protection and adhesion for the tiles.

Since grout is porous, that means dirt, water, and other matter can get into the substance and cause damage over time. This could lead to cracking of the grout, breaking it apart and compromising the integrity of the tile. Using a grout sealer helps to protect the grout and keep foreign contaminants from getting in.

There are two types of grout sealant. One is the type that is applied using a special applicator. This could be a brush, sponge, or special tip that is part of the sealer’s packaging. The other kind is a spray on type of grout sealer.

Which grout sealer type is ideal?

There are certainly those who believe that a spray on grout sealer is fine, but consider the precise porous nature of grout and you can quickly understand that simply spraying on the sealer is not enough to protect every square centimeter of grout surface.

The brush on type of sealer is best, especially for flooring. If you have a lot of grout to seal, then you may choose a mop or other type of application tool to help work it in.

The goal should be to cover the entire surface of the grout. Once the grout sealer is applied to the entire surface, then it can be allowed to dry before cleaning the floor surface of any residue.

If you have a commercial business or a house that is having new tile installed, on the floor, walls, or other surfaces, be sure to apply grout sealer to every part of the surface.

Some grout that doesn’t need a sealant.

If you’re using an epoxy based grout, then you may not need to apply grout sealer to the tiles. Check with the manufacturer’s specifications to determine if you should be using grout sealer on your tile surfaces.

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