Do You Know what Chemicals are being Used to Clean the Commercial Floors in Your Company?

Grout Out Tile and Grout CleanerThere are many facets to maintaining commercial floors throughout Toronto. While you may have hired a professional maintenance crew or an individual to clean your commercial floors, and even though you may have purchased the best machines for the job, it is important for you to know what type of chemicals are being used on those floors.

There are many different floor cleaning chemicals that can be used in a variety of applications. Some require proper disposal and it may also be necessary to supply certain safety gear for the floor cleaners to wear while they apply the solution to the floor itself.

Providing a budget for your maintenance department to determine what is optimal for them to use and not following up to find out what is actually in use on your floors is not an ideal solution. It is your responsibility as an executive, owner, or other business professional to know exactly what type of chemicals are being used within your facility, whether they are being used in a controlled environment or to clean the entire commercial floor space.

If you have outside clients, customers, or visitors that use your facilities on a regular basis, if you don’t know the type of chemicals that are being used, you could be putting them at risk. The maintenance department may not notify the general public of potentially harsh or hazardous chemicals. Some people may have potential allergic reactions to certain ingredients used in various cleaning products.

In reality, most commercial floors can be cleaned effectively with environmentally safe chemicals. On rare occasions and in very limited situations, the strongest and harshest chemicals may be required. However, that would be the exception to the rule.

Check with your maintenance crew to find out what type of chemicals they are using for various applications with regard to maintaining commercial floors. If you find that some of the chemicals could potentially be harmful to the general public or your other employees, contact a professional floor company to determine what better options may be available.

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