Managing Multiple Commercial Floor Surfaces

SL-3-vacuum-01It’s easy to assume that any commercial floor is going to be consistent throughout the facility. Yet most maintenance departments understand that that’s simply not true in today’s environment.

You could have a commercial facility that has gorgeous, polished concrete in the lobby, linoleum tile along the hallways on subsequent floors, and maybe even carpeting or some other surface, including ceramic tile, in some rooms or offices.

Every different commercial floor surface requires a unique approach to cleaning and maintaining them properly. So how can you go about managing all of these different surfaces in a cost-effective and even time effective manner?

Have the right equipment on hand.

The most important thing is to have proper commercial floor cleaning equipment on hand. This can include a floor scrubber, buffer, polisher, stripper, spot cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and more.

If there are only a few areas that have carpeting in them, you may be tempted to save money and purchase a residential vacuum cleaner. This is not only impractical, it’s also not going to be as effective.

There can be a number of items that get dropped onto the commercial carpet surface that a residential vacuum cleaner is not going to collect. This can include paperclips, coins, pen caps, staples, and more.

The more items that a vacuum cleaner does not pick up means there will be more debris collecting on the surface over time or the maintenance personnel will have to stop, bend down, pick up the individual item, and do this countless times for every single office space.

It’s absolutely essential that you have the proper equipment on hand to take care of these commercial floor surfaces. It’s also advisable to have the right sized equipment for the area of the commercial floor surface.

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