The Hidden Dangers of Storage Rooms in Commercial Facilities

hidden danger of storage roomsMaintaining commercial floors can sometimes feel like a full-time job. You might have hired an experienced maintenance professional to take care of this aspect of cleanliness, but one thing that commonly gets overlooked are the storage rooms within the facility.

Those storage rooms are generally used to house chemicals, wax, other cleaning materials, and commercial floor cleaning equipment. Depending on the size of the storage facility, if it is a small closet style room, it can actually be a potentially dangerous area for maintenance personnel.

Keeping up with cleanliness of your commercial floors throughout the winter could have been a nightmare, especially with the amount of snow, extremely cold temperatures, and other factors that posed challenges to just about every commercial business.

As a result, your maintenance department or personnel might be in a hurry to put things away and therefore hadn’t been replacing the chemicals on the right shelf, taking care of the equipment, and so on. If the equipment is put away haphazardly, it can potentially lead to accidental damage if something falls on it, it gets yanked around trying to get another piece of equipment out, or even be damaged while shoving it into the closet.

The smaller a storage facility is, the greater the risk exists to the equipment as well as personnel.

The best solution to help ensure safety and protect all equipment is to designate a large enough space as a storage room for the cleaning materials. Each shelf should be only housing the specific chemicals and supplies that are necessary. Trying to overstuff them by shoving a half used gallon of cleaning solution on the edge while hurrying out to go home at the end of the night can be a recipe for disaster.

The equipment should have its own separate part of the facility with plenty of room to easily maneuver it in and out without clipping or smashing into other equipment.

Even though dropping a half gallon jug of cleaning solution on an electric floor scrubber might not seem like a big deal, eventually it’s going to wear that piece of equipment down (if it happens often). If that jug of cleaning solution isn’t sealed properly it could break open, leading to a significant spill that requires cleanup.

Make sure your maintenance department has plenty of room for their storage facility and that will promote longevity for the equipment and organization for the cleaning solutions.

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