Floor Cleaning Pads

Use these floor cleaning pads for everyday floor cleaning & maintenance…

Choose from a wide selection of high-quality floor pads for stripping, scrubbing, polishing, burnishing, buffing, scuff removal, stain removal and general cleaning.


Blue Cleaning Pad

13"14"15"17"18" cleaning pad

Use the blue pad for routine cleaning and scrubbing.

The blue removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled surfaces prior to re-coating.

Item Part #
13″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81129
14″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81135
15″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81113
17″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81263
18″ Blue Scrubbing Pad (5/case) 2A81153

Black Stripping Pad

13"14"15"16"17"18" black strip pad

Use the black pad for heavy duty wet stripping.

The black pad works aggressively and removes wax, dirt, and old floor finish.

Item Part #
13″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81131
14″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81137
15″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81111
16″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81175
17″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81261
18″ Black Stripping Pad (5/case) 2A81157

White Super Polishing Pad

13"14"16"17"18" white super polish - floor cleaning pads

Use the white pad for polishing clean dry floors.

The white pad is also used to buff soft finishes and low traffic areas, and is ideal for use on marble floors. These pads are often used with polishing powders and compounds.

Item Part #
13″ White Super Polish (5/case) 2A81127
14″ White Super Polish (5/case) 2A81139
16″ White Super Polish (5/case) 2A81115
17″ White Super Polish (5/case) 2A81117
18″ White Super Polish (5/case) 2A81119

Red Buffing Pad

13"16"17"18" red buff pad

Use the red pad for light cleaning and buffing.

The red pad removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine.

Item Part #
13″ Red Buff (5/case) 2A81133
16″ Red Buff (5/case) 2A81173
17″ Red Buff (5/case) 2A81171
18″ Red Buff (5/case) 2A81151

Natural Blend Pad

13"18" natural polish

Use the natural blend pad (also known as hog’s hair pads) for thermal buffing and burnishing.

Item Part #
13″ Natural Polish (5/case) 2A81165
18″ Natural Polish (5/case) 2A81163

Diamond ASTRO Pads

astro diamond pads

ASTRO pads are the GREEN method to maintain stone and concrete surfaces. Replacing floor wax with a hardened mechanical shine eliminates the use of chemicals.

Size & Grit Chart

Item Part #
Diamond ASTRO Pads See Chart