How the Rabbit-3 Will Make Floor Maintenance Easier This Fall

rabbit-3_00028Being responsible for a commercial facility can be challenging at times. Having the right floor cleaning machines can make a world of difference. The Rabbit-3, by Centaur Floor Machines, helps to make the job easier.

There are several benefits to this machine over others, and just a few of them are highlighted below.

Benefit #1: Fast stripping times.

One of the greatest challenges floor maintenance crews have when it comes to keeping those floor surfaces clean is stripping. It can take an extremely long time just to do this. In fact, it could potentially take an entire evening just to strip the floor, then you have to worry about polishing and waxing.

With the Rabbit-three, stripping times are reduced dramatically because of the efficiency and effectiveness of this floor cleaning machine.

Benefit #2: It also cleans baseboards.

Because of its unique design, the Rabbit-three will clean baseboards as it does the floor surfaces. This means there’s no need for a specific base or cleaning machine or other cleaning solutions to be applied to make sure all of the floor surfaces and along baseboards look their best at all times.

Benefit #3: It can get into tight places.

For restroom facilities, small office spaces, and more, the Rabbit-three is specifically designed to handle large surface areas as well as a small, tight places.

On top of all that, it can easily be folded down for simple transport. For any commercial floor maintenance crew, there’s nothing better than the Rabbit-three to make sure the surfaces look their best and the department doesn’t spend an inordinate amount of time trying to strip, polish, buff, and wax the floor surfaces on a consistent and regular basis.

Facilities that rely on Centaur Floor Machines often report a greater investment, return on the investment, and faster cleaning times that produce better results.

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