3 Reasons a Baseboard Cleaner is a Must for Any Commercial Space

Baseboard Cleaning MachineMaintaining a commercial building will usually pose a number of challenges, depending on what the space is used for. Keeping up with high volume of clients and employees means the floors, windows, walls, and doors will likely need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Floors of large commercial spaces such as schools or hospitals tend to be cleaned daily; sometimes even more often than that. When cleaning the floors, the baseboards should also be cleaned, though they don’t tend to get the same attention as floors.

Three reasons why having a baseboard cleaner as part of the maintenance equipment are:

1. Baseboards trap dirt. While vacuuming, sweeping, polishing and scrubbing floors is a fundamental aspect of maintenance, much of the dirt that gets on the floors is pushed toward the edges of the walls, where the baseboards are. Depending on the type of baseboard that is in place, the dirt can either get on or under the baseboards, making it more challenging to clean.

Baseboards trap dirt in many ways, including through static charge. Wiping them down is one option, but it won’t get much of the dirt off or out from under the seam between the baseboard and the floor.

2. Baseboards forge the bond between floors and walls. When you have a clean floor and well kept walls, it makes the entire room, hallway, or lobby appear like new. However, if the baseboards are not well maintained, it’s going to draw attention away from the rest of the cleanliness of the room.

Baseboards form the bond between walls and floors, so when they are clean, the entire building will appear cleaner as well.

3. Baseboards are often ignored because the challenges they pose to keep them clean. One of the main reasons why baseboards are not cleaned as often or as well as they should be is due to the difficulty in cleaning them. Mops aren’t effective, vacuums can’t reach them and that leaves manual scrubbing.

Unless the company owns a baseboard cleaner. With a baseboard cleaner, keeping the entire building clean and sanitized is much easier and that can lower overall maintenance costs as well.

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