Are Training Seminars Really Important for Maintenance Crews Responsible for Commercial Floor Cleaning?


Single weight 40lb for the Centaur floor machines, Rabbit-3, Stonechat, Rocky
Single weight 40lb

Maintaining floor machines may not seem like a complicated process. However, depending on the floor surface, equipment that’s being used, the chemicals and other solutions, the foot traffic the facility sees, and much more, it would be beneficial for maintenance personnel and entire crews to receive regular and ongoing training.

There are numerous training seminars that help maintenance personnel improve their skills and knowledge about many aspects of commercial property maintenance, including floors.

Knowing exactly the right type of equipment to use in various situations is essential and many maintenance departments already know this, but they may also be relying on outdated information or experience they gained a long time ago. Certain cleaning solutions could be more harmful to maintenance personnel and even employees or customers in certain facilities. There could be new products being released as well as new technologies that can make a world of difference for efficiency of any department.

There may also be new techniques developed that can save time and help keep the floors as clean as possible.

Any large company or organization that has maintenance personnel, whether it’s one person or an entire department, should consider encouraging those personnel to attend various training seminars throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The knowledge that they gain could lead to a request for better equipment, better cleaning solutions, a cleaner floor, and a better floor for years to come.

Never discount the benefits of training seminars for any employee, including maintenance personnel. It could make a world of difference and save the company tens of thousands of dollars well into the future.

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