Five Reasons the Right Floor Cleaning Equipment will Keep them Looking Great for Years

SL-3-vacuum-01When you’re talking about maintaining commercial floors, the equipment you use makes a world of difference. Some people believe it has more to do with how often you clean the floors rather than type of equipment used. The people who think this way will generally believe that regular mopping is more than enough to keep commercial floors looking great week after week, month after month.

Yet anybody who has direct experience with this will know the truth; mopping alone is not going to replenish the shine or actually get up all the dirt that collects on the floor.

Below are five reasons why the floor cleaning equipment is so important in not only keeping those floors looking great, but helping them last as long as possible.

1. Getting dirt up.

As we just noted, mopping alone is not going to get all of the dirt up from the floor surface. It pushes some of the dirt around, into the cracks and crevices and small pores that are barely visible. Over time, the dirt that gets left behind will stain the floor itself.

2. Efficiency.

If you have large commercial square footage, relying on small equipment that is meant for small areas, you’re going to wear the equipment out quicker.

3. The right RPMs equals the right clean.

When relying on a professional floor cleaning piece of equipment, choosing one that runs at a slower speed than what is optimal for your particular floors will either wear the machine out or not really get the clean you’re looking for or need.

4. Safety.

Depending on the type of facility you’re trying to maintain, you may have clients, customers, or employees coming and going at all hours of the day and night. The right floor cleaning equipment will help to increase safety as they won’t take as long to get the floors clean and then dry as other methods.

5. Buffing and waxing.

If you don’t buff or wax your floors as often as needed, depending on how much use they get, this will keep them from being as protected as they should be.

When you realize that these five reasons make a significant difference in maintaining your commercial floors and keeping them looking great as long as possible, contact Centaur Floor Machines today to get the ideal equipment now.

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