3 Things to Know about Tile and Hard Surface Cleaning Machines

3 Commonly Overlooked Signs that Your Commercial Floor Needs Some Extra CareLooking at purchasing a tile and hard surface cleaning machine for any commercial floor is a great step. There are number of things to learn about these commercial floor cleaning machines, and when it comes to tile and hard surface cleaning machines, below are three things every property manager or maintenance supervisor should know.

1. There are two main types of tile and hard surface cleaning machines. There are portable machines that can be practical in a number of applications and there are much larger machines that are considered truck-mounted units. These truck-mounted units provide more power, but are much more difficult to control and move around.

2. What type of regular maintenance do these cleaning machines require? It all depends on the manufacturer of the machine. Some manufacturers, like Centaur, build their equipment with such high standards that they require very little maintenance.

Another factor that is important to consider with regard to maintenance is how much use and abuse the equipment gets. The less usage a machine gets, the less maintenance it’s going to require. Also, if the maintenance personnel are treating the equipment right, taking care of it, storing it properly, and more, it will help it last longer with less maintenance.

3. Tile and hard surface cleaning machines can reduce man hours. While doing any type of thorough cleaning is going to require time, the right equipment makes it much more efficient. While the investment up front may seem significant, especially to a small company, the cost savings in the long run continue to add up, making that investment well worth it.

For anyone looking for the top of the line commercial floor cleaning equipment, Centaur has built a reputation as being a leader in the industry.

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