3 Things You Could Learn about Commercial Floor Maintenance from the Average Homeowner

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesAs a commercial property owner or manager, you may have an entire maintenance department working for your facility for repairs, cleaning the floors, and other general maintenance. You may have one individual who is in charge of all that maintenance. Or, you may end up relying on an outside company to come in and clean the floors after hours.

Whatever the case, there are several things most commercial property owners or managers can learn about proper commercial floor maintenance from the average homeowner. Here are three things to consider.

1. Regular cleaning is the most important aspect.

Even industrial properties should be cleaned regularly, meaning every single day. Even though the floor surface may be rough concrete, it’s still going to trap dirt, oils, and other debris within the pores and crevices. Even cracks can store a great deal of dirt and debris.

Over time if these floor surfaces aren’t properly maintained they can begin cracking apart.

Any commercial property owner or manager already likely knows how expensive replacing the floor can be.

2. The right equipment is essential.

Many homeowners understand that using the proper vacuum cleaner, mop, or other cleaning solutions is the most important aspect to overall good health and cleanliness. Commercial floor maintenance personnel also understand this but executives and those in charge of budgeting may not.

Anyone who is in charge of commercial property maintenance needs to understand the value of investing in the proper equipment.

3. Cleanliness of the floors is dependent on everything else.

Just because a homeowner vacuums their carpeting a couple of times a week doesn’t mean their house is completely clean. They still need to dust the shelves, ceiling fans, and more. A commercial property manager needs to understand how important it is to clean registers, vents, walls, baseboards, and more.

The more you look closely at how a homeowner takes care of their property, the better you’ll be at maintaining the commercial property you own or manage.

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