4 Common Reasons People Slip and Fall on Commercial Floors

proper schedule for winter cleaningOwning a commercial facility opens that business up to liability. Even if only employees are allowed on the facility grounds, there is always a risk of slip and fall accidents, especially on floor surfaces that are not properly maintained.

Here are four common reasons people tend to slip and fall when walking through a commercial facility.

Common Reason #1: Damage to the floor.

When commercial floor surfaces are not properly maintained it increases the chances of damage being caused to the surface itself. When that happens, it increases the risk of tripping on a linoleum tile edge that has folded up, getting your foot caught in a gouge in the concrete floor, or something else.

A damaged floor can also be considered sticky, completely changing one’s gait. If that happens, they can fall and be injured.

Common Reason #2: Cleaning the floor without proper signage.

Washing the floors and not letting anyone know it could be wet is a recipe for disaster. This is one of the most significant reasons why people slip and fall on commercial floor surfaces.

Common Reason #3: Poor lighting.

If the lighting in the commercial facility is not adequate, it can make it difficult for somebody to see the floor surface, especially if there is a change in pitch, elevation, or even a step-down.

You want to make sure that there is adequate lighting throughout the facility.

Common Reason #4: Items left out in the open.

A box, a floor cleaning machine, a mop bucket, and many other things can be left out in the open. These may not seem like major concerns, but if somebody is looking at their phone, talking to somebody on the phone, and generally not paying attention to where they’re going, they may trip over these items, leading to potentially serious injuries.

Maintaining commercial floors is important, and it’s also essential to pay attention to the various hazards that exist, even on a daily basis.

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