4 Tips for Choosing the Optimal Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment for Your Company

4 Tips for Choosing the Optimal Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment for Your CompanySelecting the right commercial floor cleaning equipment for your company may seem like a simple task. After all, quality should always be the top priority. However, with budgets being tightened every year, it may be tempting to focus in on the cheaper models and manufacturers.

If you want the optimal piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment, follow these four tips.

Tip #1: Determine what is available first. Always have access to the right information before making a decision. For example, there may be numerous manufacturers you can choose from, but if you focus on the cheapest one, you may miss an opportunity to protect the investment you’ve made in your commercial property and the floor.

Tip #2: Figure out a fair budget. While the financial advisor, CFO, or others are trying to cut back on the maintenance budget, let them know how important it is to get the right piece of equipment now. Yes, getting cheap equipment now may offset cost for the next couple of years, but you’re more likely going to have to purchase a new piece of equipment far sooner, thus costing the company even more.

Tip #3: Understand the floor surface. The floor surface should dictate what type of commercial floor cleaning equipment your company is going to need. You also need to take into consideration the area coverage of the floor. A smaller floor can be maintained with smaller equipment. A larger space, such as a mall or open warehouse layout will benefit from walk behind or ride on floor scrubbers and other cleaning equipment.

Tip #4: Focus on durability. As mentioned, the longer a piece of equipment lasts, the better the investment becomes. For example, many Centaur Floor Machines that were purchased in the 1960s and 1970s are still operational today. Few other manufacturers of any products can stake that claim.

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