After Construction Work, Cleanup Begins

After Construction Work, Cleanup BeginsIf you had recently had construction work done on your floor machines, when it is completed cleanup will be necessary. Depending on the type of construction that was carried out, a new commercial floor may have been installed or an existing one needs to be cleaned and protected.

There are many different reasons why a commercial facility may require some type of construction. It could be a large facility that was retrofitted for another business coming in. In these situations, an existing floor may not be replaced, especially if it is in relatively good condition still. Polished concrete, for example, is a strong and durable floor surface that still requires general maintenance to ensure its longevity.

Once construction is finished, it’s important to have those floors properly cleaned with the right equipment. Running a large floor cleaning machine across the surface may seem practical, but what happens if there are screws, metal shards, or other potentially damaging objects on the floor itself? These can cause damage to linoleum, ceramic, and other floor surfaces.

It’s best to have the floor swept manually at least once or twice before running any large machinery over the floor surface. This will help to reduce the risk of gouging, cracks, and other damage being caused to various tiles.

Once the floor has been swept with a soft bristled broom, then the commercial floor cleaning equipment can be brought in to wash, wax, and seal the floor, getting the entire facility ready for whatever businesses are moving in or ready to invite customers there.

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