How Floor Scrubbers are better than Mops for Businesses

auto scubberOften, one of the major challenges that retail and other business owners have when trying to keep their floors clean is that the traditional mop and bucket can be potentially dangerous. Any time that you have customers (it doesn’t matter if you run a hospital or any other type of organization where outsiders not affiliated with your organization are coming into the facility), it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Wet floors, especially wet tiled floors, pose a constant risk.

Placing ‘Wet Floor’ signs around the area that has been cleaned is okay, but unless you close off the area completely, you could find that accidents happen.

There is an alternative and that is a professional floor scrubber.

How Floor Scrubbers Work

While you flop the wet mop down onto the floor and push it around, you’re often just pushing the dirt around, too. The dirt or contaminants could be pushed into the ground or crevices between the tiles. This doesn’t get the floor clean.

Floor scrubbers rely on a simple spraying feature where it sprays a combination of water and certain chemical that you choose to add to the water, the scrubbers thoroughly cleans the floor, and then the water and dirt are sucked back into the machine, into a separate bucket.

The floor is clean and dry by the time you’re done so you don’t need to worry about putting signs out to warn people that the floors could be slick or dangerous.

Convenience and Safety

A major concern that smaller business owners and managers have is to ensure not only the safety of their patrons or guests, but also their employees. Floor scrubbers are generally easy to use and to move around the facility. They don’t require any real pressure to use, so they are better for the operator’s lower back and other common weak points, thus reducing the risk of injury while operating it.

Floor scrubbers make cleaning floors in a commercial, industrial, or other professional environment safer and more effective than traditional mopping.

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