Pay Attention to the Shifts of Spring to Maintain Safety on Your Floors

Cords, Tripping Hazards, and Paying Attention at 24-Hour FacilitiesThings can change quickly during springtime months. The weather can fluctuate tremendously, from subzero temperatures and the occasional late snow event to warm daytime highs, thunderstorms, and high winds.

Maintaining commercial floors can be a challenge during the winter, and it doesn’t really get that much easier during these volatile spring months ahead. The condition of the floors and the safety of everyone who comes and goes throughout the facility all depend on the maintenance personnel and their ability to keep up with the weather conditions.

For example, during spring, the snow, ice, and slush will continue to melt, especially where it has been piled up in the parking areas. The bigger and bigger the pile of snow, the longer it’s going to take to melt. Along with all of that melt is going to be road salt and sand and other dirt. That can easily get tracked into the facility, even when the sun is shining and it’s warm out.

Continue using walk-off mats inside the front doors of all of your facilities. This will capture a lot of the water, road salt, sand, and other debris, keeping it from getting tracked throughout the rest of the facility.

The maintenance personnel should also pay attention to the floor surfaces around these entryways. Just because those walk-off mats can be effective, they are not perfect. It may be necessary to use a simple mop and bucket to keep those floors clean and safe for everyone.

Another factor to keep in mind may be leaves and other debris that gets blown in to the facility every time the doors open, especially on windy days. It may be necessary to sweep or even vacuum some of these floor surfaces repeatedly throughout the day.

The more abuse the commercial floor surface sees during the day, the more important it becomes to have them cleaned thoroughly every night.

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