Repairing Cracked Tile Floors

repairing broken tileThe more use (and abuse) that commercial floors get, the more often they will need to be repaired. If you are responsible for any type of ceramic or similar material commercial flooring, then you probably have seen this situation before: something is dropped on the floor that ultimately causes a tile (or more) to crack. Some companies and organizations simply ignore the crack, try to cover it up, or take other actions in order to avoid actually having to deal with the repairs.

In truth, it is not all that complicated to repair cracked tile floors.

Find the Right Replacement for the Tile

When you have your commercial floor installed, be sure to keep at least several spare tiles on hand, just in case some are damaged over time. These can be stored in any type of facility, as long as they are cared for when they are moved. It’s a good idea to maintain one full box of floor tiles for every 1,000 square feet of floor space, but that is certainly a decision that each organization needs to make independently.

Free the Broken Tile

Being careful not to break any of the adjacent tiles, use a ¼-inch (10mm) mason drill bit to create a series of holes diagonally across the damaged tile. Then, using a chisel and ball-peen hammer, tap out of the tile.

Do not break apart the grout on the adjacent tiles. Work slowly and patiently. If you try to pry up the tile, get impatient, or don’t take care, you could end up damaging more tiles in the process.

Remove Surrounding Grout Components

Any grout that surrounds the broken tile can be carefully removed, but resist the temptation to remove too much. Replacing the grout once you install the new ceramic tile will not be problematic as long as you don’t do more damage to other tiles.

Set the New Tile

Using adhesive or thinset mortar, replace the new tile. Allow it the time to properly set and then regrout around the tile. Wipe up excess grout and allow the grout time to dry. Clean the adjacent tiles thoroughly so that the new tile blends in with them.

Maintain the tiles with professional and high quality commercial floor cleaning machines.

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