Scheduling Tips for Commercial Floor Cleaning

replacing commercial floors during busy timeYou are responsible for figuring out how to make sure the commercial floors in these facilities you manage are in peak condition. You may be the maintenance supervisor or he or she is working for you.

You’re trying to figure out scheduling for your maintenance department. How can you make this work out best to capitalize not just on the personal you have, but also minimize the impact keeping these commercial floors looking their best will have on your tenants, customers, or others who use the facility regularly.

24/7 or not?

Is the facility open 24 hours a day? If not, the best time to clean those commercial floor surfaces is after normal business hours. However, your maintenance department may be needed during normal business hours to keep track of other issues.

If that’s the case, do you have it in the budget to hire personnel just to focus on the commercial floors after normal business hours? If the facility is open 24 hours a day, you may need to think about a different type of schedule.

Determine working schedules.

If you have a 24 hour a day facility, you want to determine the least busy times of the day. For a hospital, for example, that is usually between midnight and 6 AM. That may be the best time to do commercial floor cleaning and maintenance, at least in the lobby and other common areas.

You may need to schedule cleaning in certain areas during the day where you can close down half of the corridor or certain rooms so your maintenance personnel can get the job done properly.

Send out notices ahead of time.

When major work is going to be done on those commercial floors, let everyone in the facility know about that ahead of time. They may be able to reschedule certain meetings or work so they don’t coincide with those cleaning schedules.

Have spotters or security on hand.

If you have to clean during busier times of the day or you need to strip and wax the floors during normal business hours, have somebody there who can direct traffic away from the area being worked on. You can certainly set up cones and barriers, but there’s no guarantee people pay attention to those.

These are just a few tips that may help you schedule commercial floor cleaning and maintenance for your facility.

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