The Value of Seminars for Certain Floor Surfaces

5 Types of Commercial Floors and Which One is the BestThere are so many different types of commercial floor surfaces that it can be difficult to determine proper cleaning techniques, solutions, and even equipment that should be used to. For example, a linoleum tile floor surface would not do well with a diamond pad for buffing and scrubbing down the surface. However, that would be optimal for polished concrete surfaces.

If you have multiple commercial facilities, you may be placing a great deal of pressure on your maintenance personnel to keep those floors looking great. Perhaps the floor surface is different in every single facility. You may have rough concrete in the warehouse, polished concrete in the lobby of your office building, and linoleum tile in another facility. You may even have a lot of wall-to-wall, short pile carpets for office environments.

When that’s the case, it may require a number of different commercial floor cleaning pieces of equipment and knowledge and experience among your maintenance personnel.

Whether you have one surface or many, it’s a good idea to look into various seminars that provide training, information, and insight into improved techniques and cleaning solutions that can protect those floor surfaces and anyone using the facility.

Seminars can take place at any time of the year. It may seem as though you’re sending your maintenance personnel on a paid day off, but you need to see it as an investment in the future.

The more your maintenance personnel know and understand about various pieces of equipment, taking care of that equipment, using environmentally sound and healthy and safe cleaning solutions, the more it’s going to positively impact all of the facilities in your company.

Depending on the size of your maintenance department, and the number of facilities that need to be maintained daily, it may not be practical to send everyone to a particular seminar. Instead, send your department leaders and supervisors to gather as much information as possible so they can relay that information to the rest of your personnel.

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