Drum adapters

drum adaptor complete with Falcon vacuum head

Vacuum cleaner head on top of the drum

  • Drum adaptor.with Falcon-3 head Part # 1W12220 800 watts, 100 cfm, 100” water lift
  • Drum adaptor with Falcon-5 head HEPA Part # 1W12222 800 watts, 100 cfm, 100” water lift
  • Adaptor ONLY. (c/w latches & intake nozzle.) Part# 1B57000Painted, no motor, no filters, no hose

All drum adapters are equipped with 20ft 1-1/2”dia. hose and wet and dry filters.

Use this vacuum where a large amount of dry debris or liquid has to be picked up. In case of liquid pickup

it is advisable to install a valve to the bottom of the drum. You may use steel or plastic drum. The drum size most often is 45 Gall (Canadian) which is equal to 55 Gal USA size.

components included in the purchase price:

  • Filter dry, with ring. Part #1E46020
  • Filter wet, with ring. Part # 1E46220
  • Hose 20ft. Part # 1B52002
  • Latch (req. 3pcs.) Part # 1E57901


Drum not included.


Drum dolly and its source Drum dolly-3

    To purchase drum dolly, contact the following companies;

Vestil Manufacturing Corp.


2999 North Wayne Street

P.O. Box 507

Angola, IN 46703

Toll Free: 800-348-0868

Acklands Granger

USA or Canada


90 West Beaver Creek Road

Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada