Overhead Dust Cleaning

Overhead pipe cleaning

Think TALL! Overhead dust cleaning


There are times when we must reach great heights. Not because we want to impress our neighbors but because we have to remove dust from hard to reach places.

This is the time to call us for these extension tubes. The rest is routine.
Overhead dust cleaning tools (1-1/2″ dia.)

Gooseneck with coupling 
– Part # 1B51800

Pipe tool
– Part # 1B54100 small 
– Part # 1B54200  medium
– Part # 1B54300 large





Double curved wand to attache to the hose end to a pipe cleaning tool

Double curved wand

Double curved aluminum wand. Part # 1B50000


Double curved aluminum wand. Telescopic.
It can be adjusted to the persons height
and increase their productivity.
 Part # 1B50015


Straight extension aluminum wand with coupler.
Tapered at one end. 
Part # 1B51500


Straight extension aluminum wand.
One end is tapered. Part # 1B51700

Part # 1B51500 and part # 1B51700 can be coupled together
to extend them to 30ft or more for overhead cleaning.


Goose neck Single curved wand.
Can be coupled with any of the straight wands and pipe tool.
Part # 1B51800


The extension Kits include all the tubes to attain the indicated height.