Vacuum WANDS

Wands for vacuum cleaner

Wands including SideWinder

Vacuum WANDS

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Centaur stocks all of the above wands (vacuum cleaner tubes used on the end of the hose). They are 1-1/2 inch diameter and their lengths vary. All the wands, except the 3 piece wand, are made from aluminum tube, which is light and sturdy.
The double curved wand is the most widely used wand for day to day cleaning.


The top two straight extension wands are used in various combinations to reach overhead pipes, window sills and any object that is beyond the reach of a standard wand.
The bottom 2 straight wands are used with the SideWinder tools for regular floor maintenance. These tools are simple but highly productivity tools. When using the SideWinder system, cleaning time can be reduced to half the normal time.


The straight telescopic wand (second from the bottom) is used in conjunction with the SideWinder tools and can also be coupled with an extension wand for overhead cleaning. This wand is used with friction fit tools. The wand comes with a “T” grip for extra comfort and for extra productivity.


An alternative to the telescopic wand is the less expensive straight wand for the SideWinder tools.
The chrome plated 3 piece steel wand is a convenient accessory. This wand is used with friction fit tools. The curved section can be turned around to make the wand longer or shorter for tall and short person.