3 Benefits to Central Vacuum Systems

central-vacuum-quietHaving a central vacuum system in any home or business can offer a number of great benefits. Three of them are more power, less noise, and more convenience. Now, if those weren’t enough, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Benefit 1: More Power

By placing a suction machine in a central location, usually in the basement of the building, where this is more room, you can have a larger unit that will draw dirt through the system more easily.

This increased power will mean that no other upright or canister vacuum is going to compare to a central vacuum system.

It’s the same concept that professional carpet cleaners rely on when they come to your business: the truck mounted systems are always more powerful than anything they would drag into your home. More power means more suction capability.

Benefit 2: Less Noise

If you were to engage the motor on a central vacuum system, depending on where you were in the house or office building, in comparison to where the vacuum system was, you might not even hear it humming. Odds are, though, in a house or small building, you will hear some noise.

But it will be far less than if you were running an upright or canister vacuum. If you have employees or clients who may be in the building when it’s time to clean, having less noise is better.

Simply connect the hose attachment to the fitting in the room and you will be able to clean carpets, hardwood floors, tile, and anything else that a vacuum would be needed for.

Benefit 3: More Convenience

Every single time that you need to drag out the vacuum cleaner is one more opportunity to put it off. When you have a central vacuum system, not only is it easier to clean, but it’s simply more convenient.

All you need is the fitting and hose and you can be vacuuming up a spill, dirt, or keeping carpeting clean in no time.

There are plenty of other great reasons to consider a central vacuum system. For your business needs, there’s only one choice: Centaur Floor Machines.

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