3 Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make when Relying on a Residential Cleaning Machine

dollar-signLet’s assume your business is not that big. You might have a few employees, less than 10,000 square feet of space, and that means you probably don’t have a large budget for maintenance issues. You may think that you could get away with using a residential cleaning machine, such as a vacuum, to keep the floors in your business clean, but it’s too easy to make mistakes that could actually hurt your business in the long run.

Three costly mistakes that you could make by doing this are:

  • Damaging the equipment
  • Not creating a healthy environment for employees or clients
  • Not actually cleaning the floors

Exploring these points a bit further, it’s easier to see why they could be costly.

1. Damaging the equipment.

When you use a residential machine for a commercial floor, it’s going to be required to do something it was designed for. A residential vacuum is only designed to handle a limited amount of dirt and square footage.

The harder you work that machine, the quicker it’s going to break down. The components inside, such as the motor, will overheat and begin to break down. You could get away with using a residential vacuum in these situations, but you’ll likely have to replace it far more often than a heavy duty commercial cleaner.

2. Not creating a healthy environment for employees or clients.

When you rely on a residential cleaning machine for your business, it’s not going to clean the floors as well. It’s fine for your home, but in a business, where people are constantly coming and going, potentially dragging in harmful materials, this could create a health problem.

Depending on the type of business you operate, you could end up liable for a health violation or emergency as the direct result of trying to rely on a residential machine to clean your commercial floors.

3. Not actually cleaning the floors.

Finally, the residential machine is not going to clean your floors properly, especially when it’s used too often. The brushes, motor, and other components break down and become weaker.

If you want a healthy, safe commercial floor for yourself, your employees, clients, and customers to walk on, the make the proper investment. Choose commercial floor cleaning machines. Even for your small business, these machines make a world of difference.

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