4 Essential Commercial Cleaning Machines for any Business

falcon-1-2-vacuumMaintaining a commercial facility is a full-time job. For large businesses and corporations that have thousands and even tens of thousands of square feet of floor space to keep clean, it requires personnel who are experienced in the art of commercial maintenance but also the right commercial cleaning machines.

There are four essential commercial cleaning machines that any company should have when maintaining more than a few thousand square feet of floor space. They are:

  • Commercial vacuum
  • Carpet extractor
  • Industrial sweeper
  • Scrubber


Commercial vacuum

A commercial vacuum is much different than a residential machine. It is designed for heavy duty use and will generally be able to pick up heavy dirt and other debris and cover a wide range of floor space in a relatively short amount of time.

These vacuums are ideal for any type of floor surface, including concrete, polished concrete, carpeting, tile, and other surfaces.

Carpet extractor

Businesses that have a high rate of foot traffic and rely on carpeting, such as an office building, there are going to be times when vacuuming is not enough to remove stains, such as mud and dirt, spilled drinks, and other contaminants.

That is when the company would rely on a carpet extractor. A commercial carpet cleaning machine will help to ensure that the company gets the most life out of their carpeting, regardless of how much use and abuse it receives.

Industrial sweeper

Different than a commercial vacuum, the industrial sweeper is designed for more wide open areas, such as a warehouse. The sweeper comes in a variety of styles, including the ride-on type to maximize efficiency for the maintenance crew.


Finally, any commercial or industrial business should have a scrubber. This is designed to help keep tile and other smooth, hard flooring surfaces clean and with a healthy shine. Scrubbers are generally used in conjunction with buffers in order to help strip, clean, and wax tile or polished concrete floor surfaces.

For any commercial business that has a significant amount of floor space to maintain, these four machines are a must. No matter where the business operates throughout Toronto, add these to the company’s arsenal and enjoy cleaner floors that last for a longer period of time.


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