For Commercial Carpeting, Padding Has Numerous Benefits

carpet and commercial floorsIf you have carpeting on your commercial floor space, especially for offices, the padding can have a tremendous impact on a variety of factors. Not only can offer more comfort for clients, it can also increase traction for the carpeting, thus keeping it in place and avoiding those frustrating ridge lines that can occur when furniture is being moved around.

In any office space, there may be cubicles, desks, conference tables, and much more. When these items are being moved around consistently, it can cause stretch marks or buckles within the carpeting. A quality padding can help tremendously in this regard.

Increasing longevity.

Padding for carpeting can also increase the longevity of your carpets. It helps to protect the binding and backing of the carpets. Human foot traffic can wear down carpeting very quickly. Using padding helps to reduce this wear and tear.

It also allows more air to move through the carpeting, which creates more suction when vacuuming. Keeping those carpets cleaned on a regular basis is important for a variety of reasons.

Increasing insulation.

You can help keep those commercial spaces warmer, especially during winter, when they have extra insulation. That carpet padding is going to go a long way toward providing that necessary insulation. Whether you are responsible for the utility expenses or not, it’s good business sense to help reduce the cost of heating any commercial space.

More comfort.

For any employees that work within that commercial space, having extra padding under the carpeting can provide more comfort. It can be easier on their back, and reduce fatigue and other ailments that are common for people who work and spend a significant amount of time on hard surfaces.

These are just a few reasons why the carpet padding can make a significant difference for your commercial floor. Keeping them clean is a matter of using the right equipment. A residential vacuum cleaner is not ideal for commercial spaces.

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