The Hard Life of a Commercial Vacuum

Falcon_1-2_deluxe_vacuum_cleanersWhen you operate a commercial business, you realize relatively quickly that keeping the floors clean is a necessary aspect of conducting business. As a result, the more you clean, the more abuse the broom, mop, or commercial vacuum cleaner is going to take, compared to residential floor cleaning, that is.

Depending on the commercial setting, a vacuum cleaner may be responsible for picking up a great deal of large debris, including but limited to nails, tacks, rocks, pebbles, and even change (coins).

The more hard items that a vacuum has to pick up, the more abuse it takes. Residential vacuum cleaners were not made to endure the kind of abuse and if you are using one, or planning to, for commercial purposes, then you’re going to quickly realize that they don’t stand up long to that kind of punishment.

That’s why commercial vacuum cleaners are an essential component to any company’s cleaning process. These commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up more dirt and debris, and are built to withstand the hard uses that many of them endure.

The Hard ‘Uses’ of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

This refers to how they are handled and not just what they have to pick up. As with most things that we tend to use on a regular basis, the more that you use something, the older that it gets, the less care we tend to use with them.

Commercial vacuums are often dragged around, knocked into, and dropped without much thought. They cover a lot of square footage, whether they are used to vacuum low pile carpeting in an office setting, complete with paper clips, staples, and even pens and other items, or larger commercial areas, such as schools or hospitals. The more square footage that they need to cover, the more use they will receive.

As with many products, the more that you use something, the less longevity it will see. That’s why it’s important when you’re shopping for a quality commercial vacuum that you search for one that is built tough, that is built to last, and that will stand up to the various abuses that are common. Seek out a commercial vacuum cleaner that is designed and built by a company with experience and you will end up with one that will help your business stay clean, and also save money over the long haul by needing only one cleaning machine.

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