Maximizing the Efficiency of an Industrial Vacuum

silento-20-literThe best way to save money on cleaning expenses for any commercial industry is to boost efficiency. Companies throughout Toronto (and actually all of Canada) spend millions of dollars every year seeking ways to increase productivity and efficiency among its employees.

Yet they fail to focus much attention on their equipment. Yes, innovations come along every couple of years that change the landscape of different industries, resulting in a need to invest in more efficient machines and other equipment. However, when it comes to commercial cleaning, old machines tend to hang around until they are no longer functional and are simply too expensive to repair.

It’s not too late to maximize the efficiency of any industrial vacuum or other floor cleaning machine. Follow these tips to get the most from your commercial cleaning machines.

1. Maintain the machines properly and consistently. If the commercial cleaning machine isn’t cleaned after every use, if minor problems are ignored as they develop, then this will likely turn into major problems before long.

Ensure that the commercial cleaning machines that take care of your property are also taken care of. Schedule routine and preventive maintenance on them to ensure that they operate at peak performance levels.

2. Train maintenance staff better. Even if the maintenance supervisor you hired has a long list of experience, that doesn’t mean he or she has a habit of properly caring for the equipment. When a machine is not yours, you may not care for it quite the same way you would care for your own equipment.

Depending on the type of machine, your staff might not have the training to ensure that they maintain it properly. Consider having one trusted member of your maintenance crew trained on maintaining the equipment properly and make him or her responsible for it.

3. Schedule professional maintenance once a year. You should be able to find a professional repair specialist who can inspect and clean your commercial cleaning equipment at least once a year. This will help to improve the efficiency of that equipment.

The more you care for your commercial equipment, including an industrial vacuum, the more efficient it will run and that will save time and money in man-hours, and repairs well into the future.

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