One of the quietest and toughest built vacuums to withstand any sort of abuse.


Gives superior performance & reliability to outlast & outperform competing vacuums for long hours and “hard” daily use.


The Silento comes with a HEPA filter for the best air filtration possible.


1.5 inch hose & intake easily picks up larger debris.


Easily pull along and maneuver the vacuum on any  surface with its superior ball-bearing casters.

5 Features That Will Make Your Job Easier & Quicker

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The Silento Series
Compared Side-by-Side





12 L Dry Vacuum


12 L Dry Vacuum


20 L Dry Vacuum


20 L Dry Vacuum


Primary ApplicationDry ApplicationDry ApplicationDry ApplicationDry Application
Dirt Collected IntoPaper Bag or TankPaper Bag or TankTankTank
Electrical Supply110 V – 15 A Outlet
50/60 Hz
110 V – 15 A Outlet
50/60 Hz
110 V – 15 A Outlet
50/60 Hz
110 V – 15 A Outlet
50/60 Hz
MotorTwo Stage Motor 960 WTwo Stage Motor 960 WTwo Stage Motor 960 WTwo Stage Motor 960 W
Operational Electrical Demand (W/A)859 Watts / 7.6 Amps859 Watts / 7.6 Amps859 Watts / 7.6 Amps859 Watts / 7.6 Amps
Recovery Capacity12 L / 3 GAL 12 L / 3 GAL20 L / 5 GAL20 L / 5 GAL
Noise Level60 dBA55/60 dBA60 dBA55/60 dBA
Airflow135 CFM90/120 CFM135 CFM90/120 CFM
Water Lift90 inches50/85 inches90 inches50/85 inches
Machine Weight with Cable22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)23.8 lbs (10.8 kg)24.0 lbs (10.9 kg)25.3 lbs (11.5 kg)
Cable Length33 ft (10 m)33 ft (10 m)33 ft (10 m)33 ft (10 m)
Hose 1.5″ Dia. Length10 ft (3 m)10 ft (3 m)10 ft (3 m)10 ft (3 m)
Toolkit (optional)w/ Tool Kit #73 (#1B49973)w/ Tool Kit #73 (#1B49973)w/ Tool Kit #73 (#1B49973)w/ Tool Kit #73 (#1B49973)

2-Year Ironclad Guarantee

“Bumper-To-Bumper Protection for Your Peace of Mind”


Centaur vacuum cleaners are built for toughness, durability and reliability.

In the highly unlikely event that your Centaur vacuum cleaner experiences a mechanical or electrical problem due to a manufacturing defect within the 2-year guarantee period, simply call us at (877) 388-2430 to have it resolved.

We will repair it for FREE, or if we cannot repair it, we will replace it for FREE.

Tools & Accessories To Help You Clean Better... And in Less Time

Silento 30/31 Dry Vac Filters

silento-30-31 filters
  • HEPA Filter
  • Paper
  • Cloth Filter
ItemPart #
HEPA Filter for Falcon-5 & Silento1E46405
Disposable Paper Bag (10)1E46400
Disposable Paper Bag (100)1E46401
Disposable Paper Bag (440)1E46402
Washable Dry Cloth Filter for Silento 30/311E46003

Silento 300/310 Dry Vac Filters

silento-300-310 filters
  • HEPA Filter
  • Centaur Silento 300/310 Cloth FilterCloth Filter
ItemPart #
HEPA Filter for Falcon-5 & Silento1E46405
Washable Dry Cloth Filter for Silento 300/3101E46005

Dry Tool Kit #73

tool-kit - vacuum accessories
  • Dry Floors
  • Carpet

This tool kit includes:

  • ½” 3-piece friction-fit steel wand
  • 12″ combination floor/carpet tool
ItemPart #
Dry Tool Kit #731B49973
IncludesPart #
3-Piece Friction Fit Steel Wand1B50010
Combination Floor/Carpet Tool1B50060

14″ Wessel-Werk

14" 12-inch wessel werk power brush - vacuum accessories

This German-made power brush picks up dirt on all carpets including thick carpets, and offers 5 levels of height-adjustment (done with a pedal so you don’t need to bend down).

Features include an ergonomic handle, pivot and swivel neck, telescopic wand and LED headlight to get right under or around furniture for a thorough clean.

The brush moves dirt straight to the large orifice (which reduces the chances of clogging) and takes advantage of full suction power of the vacuum.

ItemPart #
14″ Wessel-Werk1F13500

Carpet Brush Tool

11"16" carpet brush tool - vacuum accessories

This popular 11 or 16 inch tool is equipped with an adjustable-height nylon brush to clean different piles of carpet and rid them of any lingering lint.

ItemPart #
11″ Plastic Brush Carpet Tool1B51000
16″ Plastic Brush Carpet Tool1B50900

Plastic Crevice Tool

11"17" plastic crevice tools

The most efficient tool for cleaning narrow or difficult-to-reach areas. These light, economically-priced tools will ease back-strain by practically eliminating the need for bending and stretching to get the job done.

ItemPart #
11″ Plastic Crevice Tool1B50700
17″ Plastic Crevice Tool1B53000

Steel Crevice Tool

15"27" steel crevice tools

Constructed of steel, these crevice tools are practically indestructible and allow you to reach into deep areas without worrying about the tool ever breaking or getting lodged and becoming unretrievable during cleaning.

ItemPart #
15″ Steel Crevice Tool1B53100
27″ Steel Crevice Tool1B53200

Sidewinder Brush Tool

8"15"18" 8-sidewinder brush tool - vacuum cleaners

Natural or synthetic bristles make this tool perfect for floors, walls, & overhead pipe.

The brush is replaceable.

ItemPart #
8″ Sidewinder Natural Bristle Brush1B56014
15″ Sidewinder Natural Bristle Brush1B56012
15″ Sidewinder Synthetic Bristle Brush1B56008
18″ Sidewinder Natural Bristle Brush1B56010
18″ Sidewinder Synthetic Bristle Brush1B56006

Sidewinder Carpet Tool

8"15"18" vacuum cleaners - sidewinder carpet tool

The sidewinder carpet tool is excellent for cleaning low pile carpets and lets you complete the job in half the time with it’s side-to-side sweeping motion.

ItemPart #
8″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool1B56020
15″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool1B56018
18″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool1B56016

Sidewinder Felt Tool

8"15"18" 8-sidewinder carpet tool - vacuum cleaners

The sidewinder felt tool is ideal for cleaning hardwood and concrete floors because of the uniform felt surface.

ItemPart #
8″ Sidewinder Felt Tool1B56004
15″ Sidewinder Felt Tool1B56002
18″ Sidewinder Felt Tool1B56000


all wands - vacuum accessories

Extension wands, extenders & fittings are a must for any commercial cleaner that wants to do a better job of reaching those hard to get to areas. Our wands & tools make vacuuming easy and ergonomic. Saving you time, sweat and money.

See All Wands

ItemPart #

14″ Smooth Surface Brush

14" 14-inch smooth surface brush

This durable floor brush is ideal for use on hard surfaces. The brushes are made of durable ABS plastic with tampico or horsehair bristles that allows you to vacuum while you sweep.

ItemPart #
14″ Plastic Tampico Bristle Tool1B50400
14″ Plastic Horsehair Bristle Tool1B50450

11″ Aluminum Horsehair Brush

11" 11 inch horsehair bristle tool (1B54600)

This heavy-duty, long-lasting cast aluminum horsehair brush offers superior pick-up volume due to its large intake. The rubber bumper protects furniture and walls while vacuuming.

ItemPart #
11″ Aluminum Horsehair Brush1B54600

12″ Aluminum Gulper Tool

12" 14-plastic tampico bristle tool

As its name suggests, the gulper swallows large objects or large volumes of debris with its wide opening.

It’s cast aluminum body with a riveted steel hose end makes it a great tool for construction clean-up.

ItemPart #
12″ Aluminum Gulper Tool1B54500

20″ Nylon Floor Brush

20" 20-nylon floor brush

This “wide” 20″ floor brush lets you get great cleaning results in even less time. The brush is slotted at the front to better channel airflow while the blue rubber bumper helps protect walls and furniture during vacuuming.

ItemPart #
20″ Nylon Floor Brush1B50500

6″ Upholstery Tool

6" 7 inch plastic flat brush tool - vacuum accessories

This brush is perfect for cleaning furniture and surfaces requiring a delicate touch where you need a wider tool.

ItemPart #
6″ Upholstery Tool1B51300

2″ Plastic Round Dusting Brush

2" 2 inch plastic round brush

This small brush is an essential tool for every cleaner’s arsenal. Use it to clean complex surfaces like trimmings and baseboards.

ItemPart #
2″ Plastic Round Dusting Brush1850600

Aluminum Round Dusting Brush

3"5" 3 inch aluminum brush

This sturdy cast aluminum brush uses natural bristles for a soft clean. A plastic bumper protects furniture from damage.

ItemPart #
3″ Aluminum Dusting Brush1853600
5″ Aluminum Dusting Brush1853700

Hose with Ends

10'20'30' hose with ends - vacuum accessories

These vacuum hoses come complete with 1.5″ hose ends on either end ready to attach to your Centaur vacuum and your vacuum tools.


  • 1.5″ diameter hose end – Part # 1B52020
  • 1.5″ diameter steel hose end – Part # 1B52024
ItemPart #
10′ 1½” Hose With Ends1B56107
20′ 1½” Hose With Ends1B56102
30′ 1½” Hose With Ends1B56103

Hose With Ends and Stabilizer (10′)

10' hose with ends stabilizer - vacuum accessories

This hose is designed for use with Centaur’s 20L (5gal ) capacity SL-5, SL-6 and SL-8 vacuums.

The stabilizer ensures that the vacuum canister does not topple when the vacuum is being dragged by the hose.


  • 1.5″ diameter hose end – Part # 1B52020
  • 1.5″ diameter steel hose end – Part # 1B52024
ItemPart #
Hose With Ends and Stabilizer (10′)1B56101

Premium Hose Only

10'20'30'50' hose without end - vacuum accessories

This heavy duty, crush proof commercial vacuum hose is ideal for all types of rugged wet and dry applications.

The smooth interior ensures nothing gets stuck or clogs these hoses. The hose is compatible with almost all commercial wet & dry vacuums and requires a standard 1.5″ threaded cuff end.

You can get these hoses in different lengths from 10′ to 50′.

ItemPart #
10′ 1½” Hose Without Ends9K56001
20′ 1½” Hose Without Ends1B56114
30′ 1½” Hose Without Ends1B56115
50′ 1½” Hose Without Ends1B56100

Aluminum Pipe Tools

1-3"4-6"6+" aluminum pipe tools

Aluminum pipe tools (that come with a 1.5″ adapter) are designed for jobs where you need more weight on the tool to remove dirt and dust from different sized pipes and conduits.

The bristles on these tools are easily replaceable.

ItemPart #
1-3″ Aluminum Pipe Tool1B54100
4-6″ Aluminum Pipe Tool1B54200
6″+ Aluminum Pipe Tool1B54300

Plastic Pipe Tools

1-4"4-8" vacuum accessories - pipe tools

These pipe cleaning attachments are made from durable polypropylene and fit a standard 1.5″ handle or friction wand. The tools easily reach over pipes and provide effective brushing against dirt and dust.

ItemPart #
1-4″ Plastic Pipe Tool1B54310
4-8″ Plastic Pipe Tool1B54305

Ventilation Tools

1'2'4' ventilation tools - vacuum accessories

These ventilation tools are designed to effectively clean large diameter round surfaces such as HVAC ventilation ducts.

When you attach these tools to telescopic wands and extenders, you can reach ducts in ceilings as high as 20′.

ItemPart #
1′ Ventilation Tool1B56030
2′ Ventilation Tool1B56032
4′ Ventilation Tool1B56034

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The Best Protection Guarantee In The Industry

You have 3X the PROTECTION when you purchase a Centaur SL-3/5 Vacuum

30-Day Money Back PERFORMANCE Guarantee

performance guarantee

If the Centaur Silento Vacuum doesn’t get the work done faster and better than ANY other machine you’ve used before, simply contact our office to have it returned (within 30 days of purchase) and receive a FULL REFUND. Plus, we’ll cover the shipping cost.

Top-Quality LIFETIME Guarantee

quality guarantee

If your Centaur Silento Vacuum ever has a manufacturing defect on Non-Wearable/Non-Moveable Components* we’ll Fix or Replace Your Floor Machine within 1 business day… for FREE!

10-Year MOTOR Warranty

motor guarantee

If you use the Centaur Silento Vacuum under normal conditions and the Motor gives up, we’ll Fix or Replace the Motor on your Centaur Floor Machine within 1 business day for FREE**.

Leading Institutions That Select Centaur Floor Machines

jennifer car painting logo

The Best Vacuum I Have EVER Owned

I wanted to introduce you to BLUE BOY! She is the best vacuum I have EVER owned. Thanks @nwrpainting for the recommendation and thank you @centaurfloormachines for creating a vacuum that actually works and actually sucks 😉😉 (Instragram)

—Jennifer Carr, Jennifer Carr Painting

NWR painting inc

The Vacuum Worked Flawlessly!

“So I just wanted to let you know I received the Falcon-5 and put it to work right away. I removed the popcorn ceiling in an entire house and filled 2 garbage bags full of drywall dust.

The vacuum worked flawlessly! The HEPA filter was spotless and the bag pre filters that you gave me were very important in this process.

Centaur switched the 10-foot hose to a 20-foot hose for me and they replaced the white filter bag with the grey drywall dust one. This level of customer service is hard to come by these days and because of that I have recommended the vacuums to a bunch of other painting companies in the US.

Thank you so much for Coordinating all of this and providing such amazing service and product.

Hats off to you for being a needle in the haystack in this day and age.”

—Nick Rochacewich, NWR Painting Inc.


Exceptional Workmanship

“Centaur products have proven to be highly effective, extremely durable and cost effective. The Rabbit line meets all of or scrubbing, stripping and bonneting needs and we have many that are still in service that were purchased over ten years ago.

Furthermore, it has been our pleasure to deal with your company. You and your staff have always conducted yourselves with the highest level of integrity. That, together with a very solid product offering, has made this a very beneficial partnership.”

—Brian Gingras, CBSE President Bee-Clean Building Maintenance