Carpet Tools

These are the vacuum tools to use to get the best results when carpet cleaning…

These fast and efficient carpet cleaning tools are essential for any commercial cleaner cleaning offices and carpet flooring on a daily basis. These tools are effective in cleaning & maintaining different piles of carpets.

Carpet Brush Tool

11"16" carpet brush tool - vacuum accessories

This popular 11 or 16 inch tool is equipped with an adjustable-height nylon brush to clean different piles of carpet and rid them of any lingering lint.

Item Part #
11″ Plastic Brush Carpet Tool 1B51000
16″ Plastic Brush Carpet Tool 1B50900

14″ Standard Carpet Tool

14" 14-inch slotted carpet tool

This carpet tool comes with a brush and moves smoothly over a carpet.

The brush is easily replaceable.

Item Part #
14″ Standard Carpet Tool 1B50800

14″ Wet/Dry Carpet Tool

14" 14-inch smooth tool

This simple yet effective carpet tool is a must-have for any cleaner. It will let you pick up water from a wet carpet with speed and efficiency. Whether you’re cleaning an office, school, or hospital, this tool is the ideal size to get around furniture and obstacles easily on a dry or wet carpet.

  • Wet
  • Dry
Item Part #
14″ Wet/Dry Carpet Tool 1B50200

Sidewinder Carpet Tool

8"15"18" vacuum cleaners - sidewinder carpet tool

The sidewinder carpet tool is excellent for cleaning low pile carpets and lets you complete the job in half the time with it’s side-to-side sweeping motion.

Item Part #
8″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool 1B56020
15″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool 1B56018
18″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool 1B56016

14″ Wessel-Werk

14" 12-inch wessel werk power brush - vacuum accessories

This German-made power brush picks up dirt on all carpets including thick carpets, and offers 5 levels of height-adjustment (done with a pedal so you don’t need to bend down).

Features include an ergonomic handle, pivot and swivel neck, telescopic wand and LED headlight to get right under or around furniture for a thorough clean.

The brush moves dirt straight to the large orifice (which reduces the chances of clogging) and takes advantage of full suction power of the vacuum.

Item Part #
14″ Wessel-Werk 1F13500

Replacement Parts

Replacement Brush for 11″ Plastic Carpet Tool

Replacement brush for 14″ Plastic Carpet Tool (#1B51000).

Part: #1B51001
16 inch plastic brush carpet tool (1B50900)

Replacement Brush for 16″ Plastic Carpet Tool

Replacement brush for 16″ Plastic Carpet Tool (#1B50900).

Part: #1B50901
14-inch slotted carpet tool

Replacement Brush for 14″ Slotted Carpet Tool

Replacement brush for 14″ Slotted Carpet Tool (#1B50800).

Part: #1B50801