Liquid Pick-up Tools

These are the tools to use to clean up after a spill or flood…

Whether you’re dealing with small spills or larger floods, these professional tools will get the job done efficiently and clean up the mess quickly. Job specific blades (for chemical spills and oil & grease) are also available.

17″ Dial-A-Job Aluminum Tool

17" dial-a-job vacuum tool part #1B55540

The Dial-A-Job is the most versatile tool for wet pick-up. You can adjust the height of the blade making it easier & more efficient to pick-up water from any hard surface while moving the tool effortlessly on its two end-wheels. The 17″ tool width let you clean-up in the shortest time possible.

The Dial-A-Job is also an excellent tool for dry pick-up and commercial/office carpet cleaning.

Item Part #
17″ Dial-A-Job Aluminum Tool 1B55540

14″ Squeegee Tool

14" vacuum accessories

This light-weight, sturdy squeegee is the most efficient tool for chemical, oil & grease, and water pick-up from smooth or concrete floors. It slides along freely without losing any of its extraction efficiency.

The blades are twice as thick as standard blades which makes the tool rigid when in use and to provide high contact area with the floor. The blades are replaceable.

Item Part #
14″ Standard Plastic & Rubber Squeegee 1B50100
14″ Chemical Resistant Squeegee 1B50104
14″ Oil & Grease Pick-up Squeegee 1B50106

Replacement Parts

dial-a-job vacuum tool part #1B55540

Replacement Brushes for Dial-A-Job (Pair)

Replacement Brushes for 16″ Dial-A-Job aluminum vacuum tool.

Part: #1B55541
vacuum accessories

14″ Standard Replacement Squeegee Blade Set (4)

Rubber replacement squeegee blades for 14″ Standard Plastic Squeegee (#1B50100).

Part: #1B50102
vacuum accessories

14″ Chemical Resistant Replacement Squeegee Blade Set (4)

Chemical resistant replacement squeegee blades for 14″ Chemical Resistant Squeegee (#1B50104).

Part: #1B50105
vacuum accessories

14″ Oil & Grease Replacement Squeegee Blade Set (4)

Oil and grease replacement squeegee blades for 14″ Oil & Grease Squeegee (#1B50106).

Part: #1B50103