Power Brush (Power Head)

The power brush is essential for deep cleaning carpets…

The Wessel-Werk commercial-grade power brush lets you extract dirt from the deeper fibers of the carpet. The power brush glides effortlessly and comes as a “plug & play” kit, where everything you need to work your power head is included.

The power head is compatible with all Centaur vacuums via the on-board electrical/power receptacle.

14″ Wessel-Werk

14" 12-inch wessel werk power brush - vacuum accessories

This German-made power brush picks up dirt on all carpets including thick carpets, and offers 5 levels of height-adjustment (done with a pedal so you don’t need to bend down).

Features include an ergonomic handle, pivot and swivel neck, telescopic wand, electrified hose, and LED headlight to get right under or around furniture for a thorough clean.

The brush moves dirt straight to the large orifice (which reduces the chances of clogging) and takes advantage of full suction power of the vacuum.

Item Part #
14″ Wessel-Werk 1F13500