Smooth Surface Tools

These are the tools to use to keep hard surface floors looking dust-free with ease & efficiency…

These durable tools are ideal for cleaning hard surface flooring such as marble, granite and concrete. From picking up large volumes of debris to sweep vacuuming, these tools will help you keep your floors looking clean with ease.

14″ Smooth Surface Brush

14" 14-inch smooth surface brush

This durable floor brush is ideal for use on hard surfaces. The brushes are made of durable ABS plastic with tampico, nylon or horsehair bristles that allows you to vacuum while you sweep.

Item Part #
14″ Plastic Tampico Bristle Tool 1B50400
14″ Plastic Horsehair Bristle Tool 1B50450
14″ Plastic Nylon Bristle Tool 1B50460

11″ Aluminum Horsehair Brush

11" 11 inch horsehair bristle tool (1B54600)

This heavy-duty, long-lasting cast aluminum horsehair brush offers superior pick-up volume due to its large intake. The rubber bumper protects furniture and walls while vacuuming.

Item Part #
11″ Aluminum Horsehair Brush 1B54600

12″ Aluminum Gulper Tool

12" 14-plastic tampico bristle tool

As its name suggests, the gulper swallows large objects or large volumes of debris with its wide opening.

It’s cast aluminum body with a riveted steel hose end makes it a great tool for construction clean-up.

Item Part #
12″ Aluminum Gulper Tool 1B54500

20″ Nylon Floor Brush

20" 20-nylon floor brush

This “wide” 20″ floor brush lets you get great cleaning results in even less time. The brush is slotted at the front to better channel airflow while the blue rubber bumper helps protect walls and furniture during vacuuming.

Item Part #
20″ Nylon Floor Brush 1B50500

14″ Felt Tool

14" 14 plastic felt tool - vacuum-accessories

The felt tool takes the worry out of cleaning hardwood, marble and polished floors. The replaceable felt blades protects the shine while dust is being removed in a fast and efficient manner.

The thickness of the felt ensures it doesn’t collapse under heavy use.

Item Part #
14″ Felt Tool 1B51200

Replacement Supplies

Replacement Brush for 14″ Plastic & Horsehair Tool

Replacement brush for 14″ horsehair bristle smooth surface tool (#1B50400).

Part: #1B50451

Replacement Brush for 14″ Tampico Tool

Replacement brush for 14″ tampico bristle smooth surface tool (#1B50400).

Part: #1B50401

Replacement Brush for 11″ Aluminum & Horsehair Tool

Replacement brush for 11″ aluminum horsehair bristle smooth surface tool (#1B54600).

Part: #1B54601
vacuum accessories

14″ Replacement Felt

Replacement felt for 14″ Plastic & Felt Vacuum Tool (#1B51200).

Part: #1B51202