Falcon 1 – Falcon 3 vacuum cleaners

Falcon 1 – Falcon 3 Vacuum Cleaners are 45 liter capacity and have two different type of motor in it.

Falcon 1 – Falcon 3 Vacuum Cleaners

 Falcons are built for 24/7 work

  • 45 liter (12 gal.) capacity;
  • Both filters included;
  • Maybe used for dry or wet pickup
  • Extremely durable
  • Great machine for the rental trade

Falcon 1 – Falcon 3 vacuums are the most robust vacuum cleaners we build. They are used for construction site clean up, janitorial work and carpet cleaning. The biggest user for the last 40 years are the Rental industry. An excellent addition to the production line in factories. The reason is, because they are very durable. The  vacuum cleaner are produced in the following variety:

Falcon 1 – Falcon 3 are Wet and Dry type

  • Falcon #1 with 770 watt motor
  • Falcon #3 with 1100 watt motor
  • Falcon #1 performance; 80 water inch & 80 CFM
  • Falcon #3 performance; 100 water inch & 100 CFM
  • Falcon Deluxe version  is equipped with tool caddy & drain hose

Falcon construction

Falcon 1 – Falcon 3 vacuum cleaner can pick up 45 liter liquid which is about 12 US gallon. The purchase price include on Falcon 1 and Falcon 3 the Dry & Wet filters and 10 foot long 1.5 diameter hose. The carriage is made from chrome plated steel tube which will last as long as the vacuum cleaner. The container is 5/16”thick polyethylene which of course never rust. To hold the top down we use 3 pcs double-action steel latches.

Easy to use

To empty the tank, remove the plug. If you have the Deluxe model, use the drain hose. After the job is done, remove the vacuum head.

Why use steel?

Perhaps we are the only company left in this industry making motor house (vacuum top) out of steel instead of plastic. This steel top is powder coated against rust . Where we can, we use steel components instead of the less durable plastic. This include the double action latches, casters, frame, intake nozzle and shot-off system.

The result of heavy construction

As a result the machine stand up to the most rigorous work in the rental  and in construction industry for 40 years and still counting. In addition to the use of metal instead of plastic we don’t skip by using one filter for only. We use two of them, for picking up dry debris the dry filter and for liquid pickup we use the wet filter. The obvious advantage is, the filter after a liquid pickup  will not become a mud-cake heaven. If it does then, the mud-cake will reduce the airflow and the vacuum performance.

How does the Deluxe model differ?

(1) The sturdy steel tool cage hold all the cleaning tools. (2) The drain hose will help to empty the tank’s liquid content into the toilet. This is a very welcomed addition to the vacuum cleaner.

  • Falcon-1 Part # 1W12111
  • Falcon-1  c/w tool kit #76 Part # 1W12113
  • Falcon-1a Deluxe Part # 1W12112
  • Falcon-1a Deluxe  c/w tool kit #76 Part # 1W12115
  • Falcon-3 Part # 1W12130
  • Falcon-3  c/w tool kit #76 Part # 1W12131
  • Falcon-3a Deluxe Part # 1W12132
  • Falcon-3a Deluxe  c/w tool kit #76 Part # 1W12133
Vacuum cleaner tool kit # 76 complete with wand, carpet tool, squeegee.
large shop vacuum cleaners picking up liquid or dry debris. It has its own tool caddy and drain hose

Falcon-1 and 3 large shop vacuum cleaners