Silento – 20 Liter Quiet

Excellent for hospital, hotel or home use

Silento 20 liter Quiet Vacuum

The Clean Air Machine!

  • Clean Air Machine;
  • Dry application only;
  • HEPA or FINE filter, click for detail
  • filters up to 0.3 micron;

This is a very quiet vacuum cleaner equipped with FINE filter or HEPA filter.

Durable, hand crafted in Canada. Not only the motor has ball Bearing but all the casters as well. It has removable paper filter, cloth filter and large HEPA filter.

Excellent for hospital, hotel or home use.

  • 20 liter/ 5 gallon capacity. Dry debris use;
  • Triple filter system;
  • HEPA filter capability;
  • Double ball bearing motor;
  • Metal hose connector;
  • Comes equipped with 10ft hose.

The SILENTO is so quiet, you can listen to the news on the Radio while it is running

Dry application only.

The Clean Air Machine

Vacuuming can be risky. The house dust you just picked up penetrate the filter and goes back where it came from, to the room That’s where the HEPA filter excels. It stops and retains tiny dust as small as a bacteria. To be precise, 0.3 micron size dust. Now, that is small.