Silento 12 Liter QUIET


quiet vacuum cleaner for daytime cleaning.

Silento 12 liter Quiet Vacuum is one of the quitest machine on the market.

Silento 12 liter Quiet Vacuum

  • Use it for dry application
  • 12 liter capacity
  • Excellent triple air filtration
  • HEPA or FINE filter, click for detail
  • Separate plug for a power brush
  • Metal motor housing, metal casters, metal intake nozzle and metal latch
  • This vacuum may work for you for 30 years
  • Made in Canada from Canadian and USA components

Choice of filters

Friendly warning signe

The Clean Air Machine

The FILTER IS THE VACUUM cleaner. Not the motor, not the container but the FILTER.

Vacuuming can be risky. The house dust you just picked up may penetrate the filter and goes back where it came from, to the room That’s where our filters excel. They stops and retains tiny dust as small as a bacteria. To be precise, 0.3 micron size dust. Now, that is small.

These filters come in two flavors

Not only the motor has ball Bearing but all the casters as well. It collects and packages the dirt into  the removable paper filter. It also has a cloth filter and a huge HEPA filter or a HEPA like filter. These filters are the largest in the vacuum cleaner industry. For regular cleaning the Regular Filter will do just fine. Buy the real HEPA only if you are fighting allergy or other airborne caused symptoms. Other than the tank which is made from heavy polyethylene, all other parts are made from steel. We are one of rare  North American company who still uses metal component making vacuum cleaner. Small wonder that we are still servicing Silentos made 30 years ago.

Great machine for hospitals, hotels or home use.

Ear protector against noise
The SILENTO is so quiet, you can listen to the news on the Radio while it is running